H2wo Discloses Alleged Gaslighting in His Family


Nexplay EVOS H2wo Addresses Family Issues After His Mom's TikTok Goes Viral

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Nexplay EVOS' jungler H2wo posted screenshots of conversations regarding a feud with his mom.
The screenshots were posted in response to a TikTok live posted by H2wo's mom claiming that the pro player was being brainwashed to hate her.
H2wo apologized to all the parties involved in the issue.

Shortly after John "H2wo" Salonga’s mother posted a live TikTok regarding their family's financial issues, the pro player broke the silence and shared his own side of the story. Through a series of screenshots posted on Facebook, H2wo revealed how the issue spiraled out of control due to an argument regarding hiring a contractor for their recently built house. The posted screenshots also revealed more issues that H2wo and his family has been facing. The pro player stated that he never wanted to reveal his personal issues online. However, due to the issue going viral, he had to address it because it has started affecting other people he cares about.

H2wo reveals private conversations with his mom

Nexplay EVOS’ veteran jungler H2wo posted screenshots of his private conversations with his mother discussing financial matters after a TikTok live indicating that the player’s mom was claiming that the pro player is being brainwashed to hate her, went viral.

“As much as possible, I didn’t want to go public with family matters. This is the most painful thing that I will do in my life, to reveal the story of my family in public,” stated H2wo. “I have to do it because a lot of people have been affected, people I love and respect that shouldn’t be affected.”

In the post, the conversations revealed that H2wo, being referred to by his mom as “Kokoy” or “Koy,” has been monitoring his mothers expenses. The pro player is allegedly providing  25,000 PHP (~$450) to his mother monthly but it wasn’t enough to cover all expenses.

Following this, H2wo asked his mom if she could send receipts for her expenses in the future because he has been trying to control how much money he is spending. However, his mom responded that she would prefer living in the mountains and that she wouldn’t ask for more allowance if this was the case.

H2wo was confused, and responded with: “Ma, why would we live in the mountains if I built us a house to live comfortably?”

Other screenshots revealed H2wo’s mom’s feud with other family members such as his sister and father. His mother even expressed her jealousy towards H2wo’s best friend and former teammate Tristan "YAWI" Cabrea when the pro player greeted his friend a happy birthday.

“Maybe you would be poisoned by Yawi’s mom, we’re enemies,” she said, according to one of the screenshots posted.

When H2wo explained that this isn’t a competition because he loves both his mom and dad, his mom lashed out claiming that the pro player and his sister have become so arrogant because they have achieved a lot in life.

“I won’t forget what you all did to me. God has mercy and I can survive alone… I hate you all Kokoy and Kikay, and your addict father. He can die! When I see any of you, I’ll kill you all!” his mom said.

With a lot of people being involved in the posted private conversation, H2wo apologized to everyone including Yawi, Yawi’s mom, and her partner Mika Salamanca.

“I apologize to all that is affected, sorry because you all got mixed into this mess. Thanks to all who understood. And those who misunderstood, hopefully you guys were enlightened,” said H2wo.

“To Tita [Aunty]Ye and Yawi, sorry because you don’t deserve what is happening now and you guys are important to me. I also want to apologize the most to Mika, all my issues, you were the one who carried and never complained. You always keep on accepting. Thanks for being so understanding to my family and my problems.” The pro player added. “I also want to apologize to my father and sister, I know the stress you’re going through since me and my brother were still kids.”

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