New Wild Rift Boots Enchants and Adjustments Explained

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New Wild Rift Boots Enchants and Adjustments Explained


Wild Rift adds new boots enchantments and adjustments for Patch 3.3.
Three new Boots Enchantments have been added and two of the existing ones shall receive an adjustment.
A new Boots item has also been added to replace Boots of Swiftness.

The upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 3.3 update shall deliver new types of Boots Enhancements as well as mini-reworks for some of the existing ones. This update aims to diversify the active item enchant system and offer more options for players based on their playstyle and situation. The patch update shall feature three new Boots Enhancements while adjusting two of the existing active items in the game. One enchantment shall also be removed as it did not live up to expectations, according to Riot Games. A new Quality of Life (QoL) improvement is also expected to arrive in the upcoming patch update to allow players to easily switch between Boots Enchantments.

New Wild Rift Enchants in Patch 3.3

Through a blog posted on the official website of Wild Rift, the upcoming major changes to active items have been revealed. Here is a quick summary of each of the three new active items and adjustments in Wild Rift;

Repulsor Enchant

Repulsor Boots Enchant in Wild Rift

This item allows players to knockback nearby enemies. This item can be used in a lot of playstyles, especially by marksman champions who are being chased or attacked by melee champions. The item can also be used to knockback enemies away from their safe zone, isolating them from their allies to nab an easy takedown.

Magnetron Enchant

Magnetron Boots Enchant in Wild Rift

This shall be the opposite of the Repulsor Enchant. This new enchantment allows a player to dash to a nearby ally and briefly taunt the closest enemy in the area of effect. This can also be used in teamfights to distract an enemy and force them to attack you instead.

Veil Enchant

Veil Boots Enchant in Wild Rift

This item allows a player to target one specific ally and give them a low-duration spell shield that can block one enemy spell. This is useful when dealing with enemies who rely on crowd control or can potentially one shot anyone like Veigar.

Quicksilver Enchant (Adjustment)

Quicksilver Boots Enchant in Wild Rift

This item has been changed from having a Crowd Control Removal effect to now having Immunity instead. Players will be immune to Crowd Control effects for a brief period of time and also prevent knockbacks and knockups.

This item no longer provides bonus movement speed. Activating it now provides Tenacity and slow resistance.

Gargoyle Enchant (Adjustment)

Gargoyle Boots Enchant in Wild Rift

This item used to previously provide bonus health and damage reduction from enemies. In the upcoming update, this Boots Enchant shall be tweaked to provide bonus shield instead of health. The other property of its effects being enhanced when three or more enemies are nearby through added damage reduction capabilities will remain.

Shadows Enchant

Shadows Boots Enchant in Wild Rift

According to Riot Games, this item did not live up to its standard as a Boots Enchantment. This item is too situational and is rarely used. To make way for the new items coming to the game, the Shadow Enchant shall be removed.

Modified Boots Update

Boots of Swiftness shall be removed from the game and be replaced with Boots of Furor. This new item grants bonus movement speed when attacking enemies.

With the new improvements to the Boots and Active Item Enchantments in Wild Rift, players shall have more options on how to approach encounters in their matches.

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