New Mobile Legends Hero Ixia Unveiled in the Advanced Server


New Mobile Legends Hero Ixia Unveiled on the Advanced Server

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A new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero named Ixia has been revealed on the advanced server. The hero is classified as a marksman and possibly assigned to the Gold Lane. Ixia in Mobile Legends offers a wide variety of burst damage and crowd control effects for the team. The new hero also has great health regeneration effects, allowing her to survive longer than most marksman heroes in the game. 

Moonton is yet to officially announce the exact release date of Ixia on the Mobile Legends regular server. However, the new marksman hero may be arriving after the release of the recently revealed mage hero Novaria.

New Mobile Legends Hero Ixia Details

Here is a quick summary of Ixia’s abilities in Mobile Legends;

Passive - Arc Siphon

Ixia's Basic Attacks and Skills apply a stack of Arc Charge to enemies on hit. When Ixia performs a Basic Attack on an enemy with two stacks of Arc Charge, it will consume the stacks and become an Arc Siphon, dealing (+100% Total Physical Attack) (+20000% Physical Lifesteal) + 40(+20%*Hero Level) Physical Damage and reducing the target's Movement Speed by 40% for 1.5s. If the target is a hero, Ixia also recovers HP equal to the damage dealt. Arc Siphon can be used on all enemy heroes in front of Ixia that are within her Basic Attack range.

Skill 1 - Dual Arc

Ixia fires 2 Arclight beams along the ground in the target direction, dealing 150 (+80% Total Physical Attack) (+8000% Physical Lifesteal) Physical Damage to enemies in a rectangular area. Upon hitting an enemy hero, Ixia also gains 40% Movement Speed for 3s. Enemies hit by both beams will take double damage.

Skill 2 - Arc Helix

Ixia launches a canister of Arc energy in the target direction, pulling enemies to the center line after a short delay and dealing 200 (+60% Total Physical Attack) (+12000% Physical Lifesteal) Physical Damage.

Ultimate - Arclight Barrage

Passive: Ixia gradually gains Movement Speed when not in combat (up to 30%), but loses the effect upon entering combat.

Active: Ixia disassembles her cannons into 6 smaller weapons and enters the Barrage state for 5s. In this state, Ixia's skills gain additional range (but can only be used within the fan-shaped area) and her Basic Attacks can hit up to 6 enemy units (prioritizing enemy heroes) in the same area. Within the duration, Arc Siphon also deals 80 extra damage.

Players should take note that Ixia is currently under development and being tested on the Advanced Server of Mobile Legends. More changes to her abilities may be implemented before her initial release on the regular server.

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