NAVI Eliminates RSG SG in the M3 World Championship


NAVI Eliminates RSG SG in the M3 World Championship

John Dave Rossel
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The CIS team, NAVI, formerly known as Deus Vult, defeated RSG SG in the lower bracket of the M3 World Championship.
NAVI won with a clean sweep victory score of 2-0 against RSG SG.
RSG SG is officially eliminated from the M3 World Championship.

The excitement of the M3 World Championship continues to ramp up as in another surprising turn of events the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) team, Natus Vincere, widely known as NAVI impressed fans with a dominant victory. NAVI managed to defeat the Singaporean (SG) team RSG SG in the esports event’s playoffs stage. The underdog team showed their dominance by defeating RSG SG with a clean sweep victory. While NAVI slightly struggled to clutch the first match, the second match saw the CIS team having a one-sided match against the Singaporean powerhouse team. RSG SG will now exit the M3 World Championship while NAVI continues its journey and will be facing tougher challenges in upcoming matches.

NAVI takes down the powerhouse team of Singapore RSG SG in the playoffs of the M3 World Championship

The M3 World Championship just recently witnessed the surprising victory of the North American (NA) team, BloodThirstyKings (BTK) over the pride of Philippines Mobile Legends esports, Blacklist International. As the tournament continues another underdog team has now emerged to defeat one of the biggest teams in the Mobile Legends esports scene.

The CIS team, NAVI, formerly known as Deus Vult, defeated RSG SG in the lower bracket of the M3 World Championship with a clean sweep victory score of 2-0. The match started with RSG SG dominating the first match. With constant team pressure, RSG SG was able to take down NAVI’s turrets, leaving them with just the final mid-lane turret. NAVI went for a desperate attempt to counter its opponent which surprisingly worked in its favor, leaving RSG SG in a bad position it could not escape. NAVI took this opportunity and ended the match at the 26-minute mark.

NAVI managed to flip the tides and secure the win.

The second match was very one-sided with NAVI consistently capitalizing on RSG SG’s misplays. RSG SG could not take even one single turret. At the 15-minute mark, NAVI went for the Lord to bait out RSG SG who camped its base in a desperate attempt to stall the match until the late game. The teamfight ended with Jovan "Babycakes" Ong being the last remaining survivor of RSG SG. NAVI immediately ended the match and claimed its victory.

RSG SG struggled to defend its nexus.

NAVI’s roaming specialist Stanislav "SAWO" Reshinak was given the title of match MVP due to his precise Selena arrow skill shots which allowed his team to zone out RSG SG and open up potential skirmishes.

Since the match was in the lower brackets, RSG SG was officially eliminated from the tournament.

The M3 World Championship just gets more intense with each match. It will be interesting to see how these underdog teams fare moving further into the tournament.

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