MSC 2023 Events Revealed Featuring First Ever Epic Skin for Atlas

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>MSC 2023 Events Revealed Featuring First Ever Epic Skin for Atlas</p></div>
MSC 2023 Events Revealed Featuring First Ever Epic Skin for Atlas


The MSC 2023 events have been revealed featuring a new Epic skin for Atlas.
The Atlas “Rune Sentinel” skin can be acquired for free by accurately predicting matches in the MSC 2023 tournament.
The MSC 2023 events will run from 5th June to 18th June.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023) events have been revealed. Players can participate in a range of thrilling in-game activities, including the prediction of mid-season tournament winners, with bountiful prizes up for grabs. The MSC 2023 event also marks the monumental debut of Atlas' first-ever Epic skin, available completely free of charge. Scheduled to commence in June 2023, this event will coincide with the mid-season tournament, amplifying the adrenaline rush. Players shall also get their chance to acquire previously released MSC 2023 skins, as they make a return to the in-game shop.

MSC 2023 events preview

Starting on 5th June, various MSC 2023 events will be released for players to participate in. This was revealed through a teaser preview on the official YouTube channel of Mobile Legends.

MSC 2023 Pass (5th - 18th June)

The upcoming battle pass features a plethora of enticing rewards for players to collect. The MSC 2023 Pass is priced at 899 diamonds. While ordinarily priced at 899 diamonds, players can take advantage of a remarkable 20% discount during the first week of the event, acquiring it for a mere 719 diamonds.

Purchasing the MSC Pass grants players the Atlas “Rune Sentinel” skin immediately as well as an additional 3,500 MSC coins which can be exchanged for even more prizes.

MSC Pass 2023

Additionally, a prediction event shall also take place over the duration of the MSC 2023 tournament. Players can earn MSC coins if they can predict which teams will win every match and who may claim this year’s championship title. Guessing correctly and completing all event tasks grants the Atlas “Rune Sentinel” skin for free.

MSC 2023 Event Shop

MSC Support Chest (5th - 18th June)

Players can spend diamonds to acquire more MSC coins through the MSC 2023 Support Chest event. On top of that, additional rewards such as the Leomord “Triumph - Eagle” skin and various accessories can also be acquired through the event.

MSC 2023 Support Chest Event

MSC Ranked Boost (5th - 18th June)

Players can use Banner of Morale to acquire additional MSC Pass exp at the end of matches. These banners can either be acquired in event missions or purchased using diamonds.

MSC 2023 Banner of Morale

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