MPL PH Suspends Blacklist International's OHEB For Two Matches with a $500 Fine


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MPL PH Suspends Blacklist International's OHEB For Two Matches with a $500 Fine

John Dave Rossel
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Blacklist International’s star rookie Kiel “OHEB” Soriano has been suspended for two matches with a $500 USD fine for unprofessional behavior.
The pro player was caught showing a middle finger after their clean sweep victory against Omega Esports during the MPL PH Season 8 Week 7.
Blacklist International and OHEB made an official apology.

Blacklist International’s star rookie Kiel “OHEB” Soriano is currently in the hot seat for showing an unprofessional gesture during a match against Omega Esports in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 8. The pro player was caught showing a middle finger after their clean sweep victory during the livestream. Shortly after the controversial moment, MPL PH issued a statement, revealing that OHEB violated Rule 12.2.1 “Making a prohibited pose.” Blacklist International’s star rookie is suspended in the MPL PH Season 8 for two matches along with a ₱25,000 PHP ($500 USD) fine for his unprofessional conduct.

OHEB’s misconduct in the MPL PH Season 8 resulted in a suspension

The heated match against the two rivals - Blacklist International and Omega Esports in the seventh week of the MPL PH Season 8 turned into a controversial one. After the fated match which resulted in Blacklist International securing a clean sweep victory score of 2-0 against Omega Esports, OHEB was seen doing an obscene gesture during the post-match celebration.

OHEB flashed a middle finger after a clean sweep victory.

This moment quickly spread like wildfire across the Mobile Legends community, calling out OHEB’s unprofessional behaviour. MPL PH shortly posted an official statement on Facebook, revealing that OHEB violated rule 12.2.1 “Making a prohibited pose.”

“MPL-PH Operating Committee does not tolerate any form of abusive behavior in the league and we expect our professional players to follow a strict code of conduct. Let's work together to build a more mature and professional league,” MPL PH captioned in the post.

OHEB received a two-game suspension starting on 9th Oct 2021 and a hefty ₱25,000 PHP ($500 USD) fine for violating the said rule.

OHEB Apologizes for his unprofessional behavior during the match against Omega Esports in the MPL PH SEason 8

Blacklist International issued an apology statement regarding OHEB’s misconduct. According to the organization, the fine imposed by the MPL PH will be deducted from OHEB’s salary. They also mentioned that OHEB will take full responsibility for his actions and apologized.

“The management of Blacklist International would like to apologize to our fans, to OMEGA, and the rest of the MPL and ML community for the unsportsmanlike behavior that our player Oheb displayed after our match,” Blacklist International captioned.

OHEB’s apology was made through the post-match conference. The pro player admitted his mistake and that his team did not tolerate his action.

“I accept all the consequences for what I did, no matter what it may be. I want to apologize to everyone,” stated OHEB. “I can assure you this will not happen again.”

Kristoffer Ed "BON CHAN" Ricaplaza echoed that they will never tolerate toxicity in the team even if OHEB is still a minor.

“We’ll never make an excuse just because he’s a minor. We already gave him a separate warning aside from the MPL PH gave,” stated Bon Chan.

Blacklist International will have to start the MPL PH Season 8 playoffs without its star rookie. It will be interesting to see if the defending champions will be able to perform well without OHEB in the team.

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