MPL Indonesia Postponed RRQ vs AURA Fire Match Due to Audio Issues


MPL Indonesia Postponed RRQ vs AURA Fire Match Due to Audio Issues

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MPL Indonesia issued a statement explaining why the match between RRQ and AURA Fire was postponed.
According to the league, an audio issue occurred on the side of RRQ that played the in-game audio of Clayyy.
The MPL ID is in discussion with both RRQ and AURA Fire for the reschedule of the match.

An unexpected incident occurred during the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 11 Week 5 that forced the organizers to postpone the Game 2 match between RRQ and Aura Fire. The organizers explained that the reason behind the postponement was due to an audio device issue that leaked a player’s in-game sound. MPL Indonesia explained that the issue only caused the in-game sound to playback within the team and not to the opponent. The MPL PH Season 11 tournament organizers and both teams affected by the issue are in discussions to reschedule the match.

MPL Indonesia explained issue regarding RRQ vs AURA Fire match

Through a Facebook post, MPL Indonesia posted an official statement regarding the technical issue encountered during the match between RRQ and AURA Fire.

“We would like to clarify the delay during the match between RRQ and AURA Fire that occurred on 18th March 2023 due to sound and equipment leakage problems,” wrote the post.

The post further elaborated that the issue was due to a “broken circuit that affected the communication system mixer.” The problem resulted in Deden "Clayyy" Nurhasan’s in-game audio being played back to other RRQ members.

The first game of the series concluded with AURA Fire securing a win against RRQ. However, the second match was abruptly interrupted due to a technical issue which eventually forced the league organizers to postpone the match as it was taking too long to fix.

“The backup mixer failed to arrive at the venue on time. Therefore, the decision taken is to postpone the game based on league rules,” explained MPL Indonesia. “Immediately, the league contacted both teams to inform them of the incident.”

The league took full responsibility for the incident, which confused the AURA Fire team due to the unexpected postponement. MPL Indonesia also stated that they are in contact with both teams involved to decide when the match shall continue.

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