MortaL Expresses Disappointment Over Cheaters Ruining BGMI Matchmaking


MortaL Expresses Disappointment Over Cheaters Ruining BGMI Matchmaking

It seems Krafton is having a hard time keeping cheaters away from BGMI.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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MortaL expresses his disappointment with cheaters plaguing BGMI matchmaking and ruining the fun for all the players including him.
MortaL states that he comes across a cheater every two out of the five games that he plays.
He explains that with cheaters ruining games like this it has become impossible for him to stream freely and create content around the game.

Where there is a competitive online game, cheaters are definitely bound to be present. It depends on how rampant it is and what measures the developers are taking to ensure that such activities are kept at bay. Unfortunately, it seems Krafton is having a hard time fighting such cheaters when it comes to their game, Battlegrounds Mobile India, according to professional BGMI player Naman "Mortal" Sandeep Mathur.

The 24-year-old has conveyed his disappointment publicly via both YouTube livestream and Twitter by outright saying that the BGMI matchmaking is full of cheaters, with him personally coming across such players every two out of his five games.

MortaL complains about BGMI matchmaking being ruined by an onslaught of cheaters

One of the leading BGMI personalities in India, MortaL in a recent livestream expressed his disappointment with BGMI matchmaking due to the number of cheaters that he encountered on a daily basis. Such frequent instances have ruined the fun for him, rendering it impossible to stream freely or create any sort of content around the game.

He has come forward to openly say the following in one of his livestreams,

Guys I can understand your pain, a lot of you are facing hackers and today I am realizing it. Hackers are still something big infront of these small cheaters, so guys I can't do it (play against such cheaters). I am sorry, but just wait for sometime.
Naman "Mortal" Sandeep Mathur

He continued explaining his situation saying that if they are scriming the whole day and then playing matchmaking in the evening only to come up against cheaters, then it is just no fun at all and over time a player will just get exhausted from dealing with such scum within the game.

This was not the end of it, as yesterday MortaL went ahead to post something on Twitter on this very topic, reiterating some of the things he had said on the livestream.

Being one of the leading BGMI content creators in the country and a professional player, MortaL saying that he faces cheaters in two out of every five games of BGMI classic is a huge blow for Krafton.

Like we've seen with other esports titles, just having an anti-cheat in place is not enough to prevent hackers and cheaters from ruining games. Developers have to constantly take various proactive steps to make sure that these problems stay manageable.

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