MortaL Explains Why Indian BGMI Teams Underperform At The Global Level

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>MortaL Reveals Why Indian BGMI Teams Underperform At The Global Level</p></div>
MortaL Reveals Why Indian BGMI Teams Underperform At The Global Level


In a recent livestream, MortaL revealed why Indian BGMI teams underperform at the global level.
MortaL stated that Indian BGMI teams are under confident while playing on the global stage.
He also claimed that if players prepare themselves mentally, then they could perform well as they have the required skill set.

Naman “MortaL” Mathur has been a part of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI - Indian variant of PUBG Mobile) since the beginning of its esports ecosystem in India. For the most part of his esports career, he was one of the best BGMI players in India, and Team SouL was one of the best organizations. He has played numerous tournaments at the national level as well as international level and made a name for himself globally. In his recent livestream, MortaL revealed why Indian teams underperform at the global level.

MortaL states Indian BGMI teams are under confident 

Indian teams show an incredible performance and skill set in the domestic esports circuit, but they usually tend to underperform on the global stage. Although many teams have demonstrated good performance at the international level, none of them has won any title yet.

Pakistani YouTuber Jehanzeb “MrJayPlays” and S8UL Esports’ co-owner Lokesh “Goldy” Jain attended the recent PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 (PMGC 2022) watch party held by MortaL. During this session, MrJayPlays asked MortaL why Indian BGMI and Pakistani PUBG Mobile teams underperform on the Global Stage. Responding to this, MortaL said, “They underperform because they are underconfident. That’s all.”

MortaL further stated that Indian and Pakistani teams have the required skill set but fail to utilize it on the global stage. Further explaining his claims, MortaL said, “Players usually get underconfident when they are not mentally prepared to face global teams. If players start to prepare themselves for global competition mentally, everything will go right.” Following this, MortaL also claimed that the skill set of Indian and Pakistani teams is on par with the global teams. After listening to the conversation, Goldy put forth his opinions, saying, “The level of discipline, focus, and team administration global teams currently have is yet to come in Indian and Pakistani teams. That is a fact.”

MrJayPlays said, “People say players only aim to earn money when they get a huge platform to play,” and asked MortaL’s and Goldy’s opinion on it. Responding to this, MortaL said, “In my opinion, this might be happening very rarely. Even if this thing happens, we don’t know who thinks that way.” He added, “But even if someone is playing with the motive of earning money, they will only earn money if they win the tournament. So, playing for money rarely happens, but I find nothing wrong with it.” Further explaining it, Goldy said, “If money is the only motive, then it should give the highest motivation that the higher rank they achieve on the points table, the more money they would win.

Krafton recently revealed the list of all 16 qualified teams for the PMGC 2022 Grand Finals. As expected, no Indian BGMI team will be participating in the championship due to the unavailability of the game in the country.

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