Moonton Reveals Sneak Peak of Revamped Minsitthar in MLBB

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Moonton Reveals Sneak Peak of Revamped Minsitthar in MLBB</p></div>

Moonton Reveals Sneak Peak of Revamped Minsitthar in MLBB



The revamped Minsitthar is set to be released on 21st March.
The revamp shall deliver new character designs, and gameplay changes to the hero.
The hero's lore shall also be polished as part of the revamp update.

Moonton has provided players with a quick glimpse of the upcoming revamped Minsitthar in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The update is set to be released in March, just before the new ranked season starts, and shall feature major improvements to the hero’s mechanics which may improve his viability in the meta. According to the developers, the goal of revamping Minsitthar is to improve his popularity in both ranked and pro play in MLBB. The hero’s character design shall also receive slight improvements to make him look more like a Burmese warrior.

Upcoming changes for the revamped Minsitthar in MLBB

The MLBB hero Minsitthar is one of the least viable heroes in the game. However, the developers aim to change that through his upcoming revamp, as posted on the official Twitter page of the game.

“Minsitthar is a national hero that we care about deeply. So we have decided to embark on the daunting task of a much awaited revamp,” the post captioned.

The revamped Minsitthar in MLBB shall be released on 21st March and shall feature a ton of design and gameplay changes that players can look forward to.

Minor changes were made to his character model. His armor and shield now incorporate the iconic Kanote art, a type of art that is prevalent in Burmese architecture and handicrafts.

With the revamp, Minsitthar’s Spear of Glory ability can now pull multiple enemies as opposed to the skill’s previous limitation of only one enemy. Additionally, Shield Assault now provides damage reduction, allowing him to be more tankier than before.

His ultimate ability, the King’s Calling, now disables all movement-related skills from enemies. This is very useful in suppressing overly agile heroes, especially assassins.

Upcoming changes for the revamped Minsitthar in MLBB

Aside from gameplay changes, the developers are also looking to polish the hero’s backstory on how he grew from a brave prince to a worthy king. It will be interesting to see how the revamped Minsitthar in MLBB will shake up the meta in the upcoming update.

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