Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.96: Full Notes and Updates


Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.96: Full Notes and Updates Released

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Moonton has released the Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.96 update bringing a new marksman hero named Natan.
A new game mode will also be added in the game titled “Natan’s War” where players can experience the new hero’s abilities for free.
The update brings a ton of hero and equipment adjustments in Mobile Legends.

Moonton has released the Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.96 update in their popular mobile MOBA title. The update brings a ton of hero adjustments as well as the debut of the new marksman hero named Natan on 23rd July 2021. A new game mode themed around the new hero will also be added in the game titled “Natan’s War” where players can experience the new hero’s abilities for free. A new gameplay feature has also been added in the game that allows players to sell their items at full price within the first 15 seconds of the game. The complete patch notes for Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.96 can be found below.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.96 New Events and Content

New Hero: Natan

The new hero is expected to arrive on 23rd July 2021. Natan is a new marksman hero who is capable of dealing magic damage with its basic attacks and has a wide variety of crowd control abilities that can be devastating in team fights.

New Event: Natan’s War

This event is themed around the new marksman hero. Players will battle in a fast-paced 5v5 match where everyone can only play as Natan.

New Hero Natan Preview

Game Mode Updates

  • Ravage Mode: 30th July 2021 to 1st Aug 2021

  • Shadow Brawl: 6th to 8th Aug 2021

  • Deathbattle: 13th to 15th Aug 2021

  • Ravage: 20th to 22nd Aug 2021

New Skin

  • Bruno “The Falcon” - Will be released on 20th July 2021

  • Bane “Castle Master” - Revamped Skin, date is TBA

  • Lou Yi “Siren Priestess” - August Starlight Skin

Magic Chess

  • Little Commander Rya - arrive on 23rd July 2021 for 499 Diamonds or 24,000 Battle Points with 30% discount for the first week of release.

  • Rya “Daffodil Rya” skin will arrive on 23rd July 2021 with a 30% discount for the first week of release.

  • Ragnar’s Epic Skin “Miner Ragnar” will arrive on 11th Aug 2021 for 899 Diamonds with a 30% discount for the first week of release.

  • Little Commander Ragnar and Skin Ragnar Bundle will be released on 11th Aug 2021 with a 30% discount for the first week of release.

Fragment Shop Adjustments

Rare Skin Fragment Shop New Skins

  • Clint “Rock and Roll”

  • Natalia “Phantom Dancer”

  • Alice “SteamGlider”

  • Diggie “Pigeoneer”

  • Akai “Monk”

Rare Skin Fragment Shop Removed Skins

  • Roger “Anubis”

  • Fanny “Royal Cavalry”

  • Freya “Dragon Hunter”

  • Kimmy “Steam Researcher”

  • Minotaur “Sacred Hammer”

Hero Fragment Shop

  • Added: Benedetta, Cyclops, Argus, Guinevere, Lou Yi, Lancelot

  • Removed: Brody, Mathilda, Baxia, Esmeralda, Jawhead, Hanabi

Free Hero Rotation

8 Free heroes: 23rd July 2021 to 30th July 2021

  • Khufra, Fanny, Estes, Badang, Paquito, Guinevere, Lesley, Masha

6 Starlight Member Heroes:

  • Aldous, Vexana, Clint, Ruby, Guison, Barats

8 Free heroes: 30th July 2021 to 6th Aug 2021

  • Granger, Bane, Kadita, Lapu-Lapu, Khaleed, Lancelot, Lylia, Kimmy

6 Starlight Member Heroes:

  • Yve, Hanabi, Harith, Moskov, Zhask, Karina

8 Free heroes: 13th to 20th August 2021

  • Bane, Lou Yi, Angela, Aurora, Carmilla, Terizla, Badang

6 Starlight Member Heroes:

  • Lolita, Aldous, Vexana, Claude, Ruby, Moskov

8 Free heroes: 20th to 27th August 2021

  • Alpha, Gusion, Johnson, Lancelot, Valir, Popol and Kupa, Vale, Masha

6 Starlight Member Heroes:

  • Karrie, Gloo, Hayabusa, Granger, X.Borg, Martis

Monthly Free Magic Chess Commander

Server Time 20th to 23rd July 2021

Little Commanders: Eggie, Bersi, Pao

Free Magic Pass Skins: Deteggtive, Nether Bersi, Sky Roamer

Server Time 23rd to 30th July 2021

Little Commanders: Rya, Benny, Abe

Free Magic Pass Skins: Sleeping Bud, Stealthy Hunter, Kungfu Master

Server Time 8th to 13th Aug 2021

Little Commanders: Eggie, Pao, Eva

Free Magic Pass Skins: Deteggtive, Sky Roamer, Jingle Deer

Server Time 13th to 20th Aug 2021

Little Commanders: Mavis, Remy, Kaboom

Free Magic Pass Skins: Night Princess, Sword-Expert Remy, Off-road Kaboom

Server Time 20th to 27th Aug 2021

Little Commanders: Brown, Buss, Ragnar

Free Magic Pass Skins: Freedom Bringer, Magic Meow, Axe Expert Ragnar

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.96 Hero Adjustments


Karina receives a slight nerf to her sustain and a decent buff to her damage.


  • Extra damage dealt based on enemy HP lost 13% →11%

Skill 1

  • Movement Speed Boost 35%-50% → 45% (For all levels)

Skill 2

  • 305-430 + 115% Magic Power → 375-600 + 125% Magic Power


A slight adjustment on Paquito’s gameplay to ensure he doesn’t overperform in matches.


  • Basic attacks no longer build stacks but he can acquire stacks by casting abilities.

Max stacks 4 → 3

  • Ultimate stacks 2 → 1

Skill 2

  • Cooldown 6-4.5s → 7-5s

  • Base damage 200-500 + 120% Physical Attack → 150-450 + 150% Physical Attack

  • Enhanced damage changed according to the same ratio as base damage.


A big buff for Phoveus’ damage.

Skill 1

Cooldown 3.5s → 2.5s


Base damage 440-680 → 660-980

Magic power bonus 150% → 180%

Popol andKupa recives balance changes.

Popol and Kupa

Adjustments for the hero’s supportive and combat capabilities.


  • Base HP 2325 → 2425


  • HP inherited by Kupa 1300 + 80% Popol’s HP → 1300 + 70% Popol’s HP

Skill 2

  • Extra physical attack bonus for shield 120% → 160%

  • In Alpha Wolf form, knock enemies airborne for 0.6 → 0.4s

Skill 3

  • Trap charging 18-12s → 22 - 16s



  • Increase rage regenerated from hitting non-hero units with skills.


  • Increased rage regenerated by 10%


A slight adjustment to how frequently he can summon his doppelgangers.

Skill 1

  • Cooldown 10-7s → 10s

  • Ratio of attributes by Doppelganger 50% → 40% - 55%


A slight adjustment to her passive.


  • Magic penetration converted from every 1% of cooldown 1.5% → 0.8%

  • Defense converted to 1% of cooldown 2 → 1.2

Lou Yi

A few adjustments, making her early game a bit weaker but amplifying her capabilities in the late game.


  • Reaction damage 400 + 15*hero level → 365 + 20 * hero level


  • Cooldown 65-55s → 55-45s

  • Max range 18-28 → 20-28



  • Max stacks of magic damage reduction 15 → 10



  • Shield 500 - 900 + 150% Magic Power → 400 - 800 + 120% Magic Power

  • Immobilizing effect duration 0.5s → 0.3s



  • Enhanced basic attacks’ base damage 160 - 200

Skill 1

  • Base Damage 460 - 660 → 435 - 685

  • Magic power bonus for damage 70% → 100%

  • Decay ratio of damage dealt with the same target 35-45% → 35% (for all levels)


Skill 2

  • Cooldown 7s → 6s


  • Cooldown 32-24s → 28-18s



  • Base HP 2649 → 2569

  • Base physical defense 20 → 18


Skill 1

  • Base damage 40-100 → 25-100



  • Increased HP after enhancing Nightmaric Spawn 500 - 2500 → 1,000 - 3,000


Skill 1

  • Reduced its area of effect

Gloo Recieves Balance Changes



HP regen per second when split apart 4-5% → 3-3.5%

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.96: Gameplay Adjustments

Equipment Rule Adjustment

All in-game equipment can now be sold at its original price within the first 15 seconds of the match.

Item Changes


  • Physical Attack/Magic Power increase 15-38 → 13-33


  • New Effect: Favor will no longer be triggered when there is no ally nearby that needs to recover HP.

War Axe

  • Physical Attack 55 → 45

  • Attributes per stack: 8 Physical Attack + 4 Physical Penetration → 9 Physical Attack + 3 Magic Penetration

  • Stacked effects to Marksman/Mage/Supports reduced to 50% → 33%

Malefic Roar

  • Physical Penetration 40% → 35%

Shadow Twinblades

  • Magic Power 70 - 75

Genius Wand

  • Magic Defense Reduction 3-10 → 2-9

Divine Glaive

  • Magic Penetration 40% → 35%

Radiant Armor

  • Magic Damage Reduction 4-11 → 3-10

  • HP Boost 800 → 950

Twilight Armor

Unique Passive - Defiance

  • Extra Damage 4% of Max HP → 5% of Max HP


For the first 9 minutes, the effect gained by inner turrets and base turrets when their previous turrets are destroyed: Physical and Magic Defense increased by 80 → Damage taken reduced by 40%.

System Adjustments

  • Optimized the custom UI so that different devices can also support it.

  • Added “Turret HP Shift” feature to Control Settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Optimized equipment tips. The tips now include the special rules of the entire equipment system.

  • Optimized the damage text size of Jungling footwear skill “Hunter.”

  • Optimized the display of the system message shown when entering the battlefield with retribution equipped.

  • Optimized the Ultimate of Chang’e. Tapping the Ultimate button again will stop the following effects of her Ultimate skill.

  • Fixed Lancelot’s Ultimate skill. Now he can pierce through obstacles at the longest range of it.

  • Fixed an issue where Sun’s Doppelganger from Instataneous move couldn’t move far enough.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Natalia couldn’t trigger the enhanced basic attack.

  • Fixed the cooldown reduction of Bane’s skills 1 and 2 based on his Physical Attack/Magic power. Now it won’t be interrupted upon death.

  • Fixed an issue where Argus continued to regenerate Energy upon death.

  • Fixed the description of Alucard’s Skill 1. Now it correctly mentions that the skill will inflict a slow effect.

  • Optimized the description of Uranus’ skill 1.

  • Fixed the description of Sun’s Ultimate.

  • Fixed an issue where Sun could summon 2 doppelgangers with skill 1 in some rare cases.

  • Fixed an issue where Banes’ skill 2 cooldown shown on the screen didn’t match the actual cooldown.

  • Fixed an issue where equipment such as Dominance Ice, Ice Queen Wand, and Antique Cuirass purchased upon death wouldn’t take effect after respawn.

A lot of hero and gameplay changes have been implemented in Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.96. It will be interesting to see how these changes will shift the meta of the game, especially with the arrival of the new marksman hero, Natan.

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