Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.8.36: Roaming Boots Buff, Nolan Nerf, and More



Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.8.36: Full Notes and Details

John Dave Rossel
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The content for the Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.8.36 has been revealed.
This update has been currently made available only on the advanced server of Mobile Legends and is yet to be released on the regular servers.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Advanced Server Patch 1.8.36 update has been revealed. The update delivers a few minor adjustments to various heroes as well as tweaks to some in-game mechanics. The Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.8.36 update also made changes to the upcoming marksman hero Cici as well as a slight nerf to the recently released hero Nolan. Some item changes have also been added as well as a minor adjustment to the Roaming Boots. The Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.8.36 update is yet to be added on the regular server but may be released in the near future.

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.8.36 hero changes

Revamped Aurora

Skill 1

  • Cooldown: 6s >> 6-4s

  • Second Stage Damage: 70-110 + 20% Magic Power >> 40-80 + 15% Magic Power

Skill 2

  • Visuals and effects have been reworked, and Aurora can now freeze an entire range of enemies.

  • Cooldown: 15.2-12s >> 13s


Skill 1

  • Widened the range of the skill.

  • Increased the skill's flying speed.

  • Effect Adjustment: Enemies hit will be slightly knocked back; greatly increased the activation speed of the second blast.

  • Cooldown: 11-8.5s >> 14-11s

Skill 2

  • Cast Delay: 1.3s >> 0.8s

  • Removed Effect: Slow enemies within the target area by 30%.

  • Mana Cost: 80-180 >> 80-120

  • Cooldown: 9-7s >> 7-5.5s


MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.8.36 hero changes



  • Effect Change: Each stack of Delight provides 1% Movement Speed and 1.5% Spell Vamp, which doubles when Delight is full.

Skill 1

  • Cooldown: 7s >> 6.5s

  • New Effect: Control effects now pause Cici's attacks, but do not interrupt the skill.

  • Max Damage to Creeps: 150-400 >> 100-350

Skill 2

  • Slightly increased speed of the second leap.


  • Cooldown: 45-35s >> 36-28s

  • Slow Effect: 20% >> 30%


Skill 1

  • Energy Cost: 5-3 >> 4 at all levels

  • Crit Chance:5%-20% >> 2.5%-15%


Skill 2

  • Max HP Bonus:5%-15% >> 3.5%-6%


  • Mana Cost: 40-120 >> 60-160



  • Defense Buff Per Stack: 3-6 >> 2-8

Skill 2

  • The stun duration will now end when the push ends.


Skill 1

  • % Damage Bonus on Target's Max HP: 1.5%-4% >> 2.5%-4%

  • Cooldown: 10s >> 9s


Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 200-525 >> 200-400

  • Slightly reduced Khaleed's Energy Regen per jump.


MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.8.36 hero changes


Skill 1 & 2

  • Cooldown: 1.5-1s >> 2-1s

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.8.36 Equipment Adjustments

War Axe


  • Physical Attack: 40 >> 25

  • Build Path Change: Dagger >> Ogre Tomahawk, same cost.

Unique Passive - Fighting Spirit (Reworked)

  • Dealing damage to heroes grants 16 extra Physical Attack per second for 4s, up to 6 stacks. Gain 15% extra damage and Spell Vamp at full stacks.

Brute Force Breastplate

Unique Passive - Brute Force (Reworked)

  • Taking damage from heroes grants 5 extra Hybrid Defense per second for 4s, up to 6 stacks. Gain 15% extra Movement Speed and Control Duration Reduction at full stacks.

Roaming Boots

  • Gain an extra 25% EXP and Gold from assists. Effective for the entire match. >> Gain an extra 45% EXP and Gold from assists. Effective for the first 8 minutes of the match only.

Other Gameplay Adjustments

  1. Adjusted the target selection logic for Summoned Units: Summons that inherit the hero's HP are now considered heroes for targeting purposes, and can't be selected by skills that can't target heroes, such as Retribution. The affected Summoned Units are the following: Sun's Doppelganger, Hanzo's body under his Ultimate, Atlas himself upon using Skill 2, and Guinevere's Shadow.

  2. Adjusted the triggering rules for Jungling skill to avoid experience issues in certain edge cases: If a hero dies while Jungling, the continued damage caused by the [Hunter] skill of the Jungling Boots will be removed from the Creep they hit.

  3. Optimized displacement compensation distance for all active displacement skills. Whether it's a directional or locational displacement skill, as long as the indicator tip or the center of the circle is over or near the edge of an obstacle, the hero will be able to pass through the obstacle.

  4. Optimized the displacement compensation rule for locational displacement. With the new rule, as long as your hero's maximum displacement distance can reach the far edge of the obstacle, and you choose to move to the location near the far edge, your hero will be able to pass through the obstacle.

  5. Adjusted the length of some heroes' displacement skill indicators to match their displacement distance: Lolita, Sun, Yi Sun-shin, Roger, Irithel, Argus, Martis, and Dyrroth.

  6. Simplified Guinevere's skill descriptions.

System Adjustments

  1. Removed the "How to Improve" feature from the match settlement page.

  2. Updated the information of certain heroes on the Land of Dawn World Map.

  3. Improved the quality of Rank Icon and Loading Border.

Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 11/17/2023 to 11/24/2023

  • Irithel, Estes, Claude, Joy, Yu Zhong, Paquito, Edith, Fredrinn

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: 

  • Grock, Gloo, Mathilda, Moskov, Thamuz, Kimmy

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