MobaZane Reveals That He is Trying Out for EVOS Legends in Indonesia


MobaZane Reveals That He May Be Trying Out for Evos Legends in Indonesia

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BTK MobaZane may be trying out for EVOS Legends, as per one of his livestreams.
MobaZane is travelling to Indonesia and will be staying in the EVOS Legends Bootcamp as a guest during his stay in the region.
MobaZane will be playing with other Indonesian pro players and content creators during his stay in Indonesia.

The team captain of the North American (NA) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports team, BloodThistyKings (BTK), Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun, revealed that he may be considering trying out for the Indonesian MLBB team, EVOS Legends. In a livestream, MobaZane revealed that he had received offers from teams outside the NA region and that he would be traveling to Indonesia where he was offered to stay at the EVOS Legends Bootcamp. While at the bootcamp he plans to stream and play with other Southeast Asian MLBB pro players. He also expressed his interest in trying out for one of the Southeast Asian (SEA) teams as he thinks that there are a lot of opportunities in the region.

EVOS Legends’ head coach offers MobaZane to stay at the team’s Bootcamp during his stay in Indonesia

As revealed by MobaZane in one of his livestreams, he plans to travel to Indonesia to experience playing with the top-performing pro players and content creators in the region. On a separate livestream, the pro player revealed that EVOS Legends’ head coach Bjorn “Zeys” Ong offered him to stay in the team’s Bootcamp if he planned on traveling to Indonesia.

“I want to go to Indo but I don’t want to play on a bad hotel WiFi and he (Zeys) was like “alright, give me a few days, I’ll work something out”,” stated MobaZane.

The pro player clarified that this does not necessarily mean he is joining EVOS Legends. But the organization will be helping him out during his stay in Indonesia and shall provide him with the necessary tools to host his livestreams. However, he is open to the possibility of joining EVOS Legends someday.

“I’m not really sure about the team, that's the thing,” stated MobaZane. “I’m going there and I’ll be somewhat trying out for EVOS, I guess.”

He added that the MLBB esports scene in North America is underdeveloped and still needs more time to grow. This is why he wants to try and head over to the SEA region where the mobile MOBA title is so much more popular.

In the past, MobaZane has stated that he wants to pursue a full-time career in Mobile Legends esports. According to him, most of his teammates are barely online, leading to him mostly playing alone and that is a big problem for him as he wants to take MLBB esports seriously.

Despite being one of NA’s biggest MLBB esports teams, BloodThistyKings has not been signed by any esports organization and is still independent. While the future of BTK is still unknown, MobaZane made it clear that he is willing to join other teams for a chance at making a full-time career in Mobile Legends esports.

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