MobaZane Addresses Fans Saying BTK Was “Under the Radar” During M3


MobaZane Addresses Fans Saying BTK Was “Under the Radar” During M3

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MobaZane claims that, BTK, being "under the radar" was not a big factor for the team's dominance in the M3 World Championship.
MobaZane claims that other M3 teams already knew of BTK's performance as they had done scrim sessions with them.
MobaZane backed his claim by stating that Blacklist International banned his comfort picks during their match in the M3 World Championship, so the coach did know his playstyle well.

Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun, the jungler for the North American (NA) team, The Valley, responded to fans claiming that his previous team BloodThirstyKings (BTK) only managed to finish third place because they were “under the radar.” The fan-favourite jungler explained that other teams, especially Blacklist International, were keeping tabs on BTK’s performance and were not taking the NA team for granted. MobaZane claims that teams already knew their capabilities due to their scrim sessions. He also shared how his comfort picks were banned by Blacklist International during one of their matches in the M3 World Championship which invalidates the “under the radar” statements by fans.

MobaZane claims being “under the radar” was not a big factor for BTK

BTK, the NA representative in the M3 World Championship, was considered the underdog of the tournament. The team shocked fans as it dropped Blacklist International, the powerhouse team of the Philippines, down to the lower bracket playoffs. While BTK only finished in third place, the team carved a name for itself in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) community.

Following BTK’s surprising dark horse run, fans claimed that the NA squad only made it to third place because most of the teams were not aware of its capabilities, stating that BTK was “under the radar” during the tournament.

Former team captain of BTK, MobaZane, shared his thoughts on this argument. According to him, it wasn’t a big factor for the NA squad's dominance at the M3 World Championship.

“I don’t think that was a big factor for why we won or why we did good in M3, that we were just ‘under the radar’,” stated MobaZane.

He added that he doesn’t like the argument because teams were keeping an eye on BTK’s performance. The team even played scrim sessions with other M3 qualified teams.

“We scrimmed with teams, and they knew how strong we were even before we stepped on stage, you know?” said MobaZane. “I don’t like the argument that BTK only did good because we were ‘under the radar’.”

The NA jungler further elaborated that during BTK’s match against Blacklist International, his comfort picks were banned which meant, the Codebreakers were studying how they play.

MobaZane was forced to use Saber during that match as his main heroes Roger, Natan, Yi Sun-Shin, Balmond, and Granger were not available. BTK still won the match and finished the series with a 3-2 victory.

Blacklist International bans MobaZane's comfort picks.

It will be interesting to see if MobaZane’s new team, The Valley, recreates a similar dark horse run in the upcoming M4 World Championship.

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