MLBB The Exorcists Skins Officially Revealed


MLBB The Exorcists Skins Officially Revealed

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The Exorcists Skins have been released in MLBB
The two new skins can be acquired through a draw event.
The Exorcists draw event will last until 16th November.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has introduced a brand-new skin series called The Exorcists. The skin has an Asian-inspired style with the mafia and supernatural exorcists mingled in. The Exorcists event in MLBB is currently ongoing and will last until early November. The event features two skins, each for the heroes Yu Zhong and Kagura. Players must gather "Sigils of Exorcism" tokens from a draw event in order to swap them for the new skins. Aside from the new skins, items such as exclusive recalls, kill notifications, spawn animations, emotes, borders, and graffiti are also up for grabs through the draw event.

How to win The Exorcists skins in MLBB

The Exorcists event in MLBB kicked off on 3rd October and will last until 16th November. Players must earn “Sigil of Exorcism” from the draw event and exchange it for the desired skin in the exchange shop in order to obtain the skins. The only way to obtain a Sigil of Exorcism is through draws, which cost diamonds. The skin of Exorcist Kagura and Exorcist Yu Zhong cost 1,200 Sigils of Exorcism apiece.

How to win The Exorcists skins in MLBB


Here is the drop rate of each obtainable reward in the draw event;

  • Exclusive rewards - 9.78%

  • 20 x Sigil of Exorcism - 5%

  • 15 x Sigil of Exorcism - 7.4%

  • 12 x Sigil of Exorcism - 28%

  • 10 x Sigil of Exorcism - 20.72%

  • 8 x Sigil of Exorcism - 20%

  • 5 x Sigil of Exorcism - 9.1%

The exclusive rewards may contain one of the exclusive skins, a recall, killing notification, spawn, emotes, border, or graffiti.

Exorcist Kagura Skin Preview

Sigils of Exorcisms obtained through the event can be exchanged for a plethora of prizes in the exchange shop;

  • Exorcist Yu Zhong or Exorcist Kagura - 1,200 Sigils of Exorcism

  • The Return of the Exorcists (Recall Animation) - 300 Sigils of Exorcism

  • The Arrival of the Exorcists (Spawn Animation) - 150 Sigils of Exorcism

  • Exorcism of Talisman (Kill Notification) - 150 Sigils of Exorcism

  • Exorcist border - 100 Sigils of Exorcism

  • Yu Zhong or Kagura emote - 32 Sigils of Exorcism

  • Graffiti (7-day) - 5 Sigils of Exorcism

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