MLBB Patch 1.6.50 Full Notes and Updates


MLBB Patch 1.6.50 Full Notes and Updates

John Dave Rossel
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MLBB Patch 1.6.50 has been announced, revealing a new hero named Yin.
Yin is a fighter hero that increases his damage if there are no allied heroes nearby.
Balance changes for various meta-defining heroes have also been implemented in the patch update.

The details for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Patch 1.6.50 have been revealed. The upcoming update delivers a ton of balance changes to most heroes who are dominating the current meta in the mobile MOBA title. A few battlefield changes will also be implemented in the upcoming patch and these may potentially shake up the meta. A new fighter hero named Yin will also make his debut in the mobile MOBA title. The new hero is perfect for players who prefer the roamer role or he can also be played in the solo lane as he gains power when there are no allied heroes nearby.

MLBB Patch 1.6.50 New Hero - Yin, the Martial Genius

Here is a short overview of the hero’s abilities;

Passive: Leave It to Me

  • Yin deals 125% increased damage when there are no allied heroes within four yards.

Skill 1 – Charged Punch

  • Yin gains 40% movement speed for two seconds.

  • Use Again: Yin throws a charged punch forward, dealing physical damage.

Skill 1 (Lieh) – Frenzy Strike

  • Lieh smashes an area up to 10 times, each smash deals physical damage to enemies hit and slows them by 75% for 0.3 seconds. Enemies hit will be slowed for each extra hit they take. The smashing speed will gradually increase over the duration.

Skill 2 – Instant Blast

  • Yin dashes forward leaving a Golden Ring behind while dealing physical damage to enemies along the way.

  • After a one-second delay, the Golden Ring will catch up with Yin, dealing physical damage to enemies it passes through and stunning them for one second.

Skill 2 (Lieh) – Instant Blast

  • Lieh strikes a flying kick forward, leaving a Golden Ring behind while dealing physical damage to enemies along the way. After a one-second delay, the Golden Ring will catch up with Lieh, dealing physical damage to enemies it passes through and stunning them for one second

Ultimate – My Turn

  • Yin pulls the target enemy hero into his domain with him for up to eight seconds and transforms into Lieh. While in the domain, he and the target hero cannot be affected by other heroes’ skills. If Yin successfully kills the enemy target, He leaves the domain with the cooldowns of his non-ultimate skills reset and continues to fight as Lieh for 8-12 seconds.

MLBB Patch 1.6.50 Hero Changes


Passive: Rage Mode

  • Changed passive effect: Enters the Enraged state upon casting the Ultimate at max Rage

  • Extended the time before Minotaur’s Rage begins to drop after he leaves combat

  • Rage gained from attacks slightly reduced

Skill 1: Despair Stomp

  • New Effect: Reduces enemies’ Attack Speed by 30%

  • Movement Speed Reduction decreased from 65% to 40%

  • Debuff Duration increased from 2s to 3s

  • Skill 1’s Extra Damage (Enraged) increased from 1.5% of Target’s Max HP to 3% of Minotaur’s Max HP

Skill 2: Motivation Roar

  • Casting Skill 2 also grants Rage

  • New Effect: Increases allies’ Attack Speed by 30% for 3s

  • No longer enhances Minotaur’s Basic Attacks

Ultimate: Minoan Fury

  • Rage Regen decreased from 45-55 to 40-50

  • Cooldown increased from 30s to 40s

  • No longer refunds part of the Ultimate’s cooldown when Minotaur leaves the Enraged State


Skill 1: Race Advantage

  • Slow effect adjusted from 40% to 90%, but will decay over 1.5s

  • New Effect: Grants a Deadly Poison Stinger upon hitting an enemy hero or creep

Skill 2: Deadly Stinger

  • New Effect: Deadly Poison Stingers can now trigger attack effects (but cannot critically strike)

Ultimate: Dark Night Falls

  • New Effect: Casting the Ultimate grants a Deadly Poison Stinger


Skill 1: Slam, Slam

  • New Effect: Actively detonating the Goo now fully resets the skill’s cooldown

  • Cooldown increased from 8-6s to 10-8s

  • Base Damage decreased from 360-560 to 300-450

  • Fixed an issue where the damage of Gloo’s Skill 1 was greatly reduced when it was attached to an enemy hero

Skill 2: Pass, Pass

  • Base Damage decreased from 325-450 to 325-400

  • Fixed an issue where the damage of Gloo’s Skill 2 was greatly reduced when it was attached to an enemy hero

  • Casting speed slightly increased

Ultimate: Split, Split

  • Gloo can now cast its Skill 1/2 to end the Split, Split state

  • Movement distance of Go, Go increased

  • HP Regen decreased from 30%-35% to 25%-30%


Aulus receives a few buff.

Passive – Fighting Spirit

  • Extra Physical Attack Per Stack increased from 3-9 to 4-16

  • Enhanced Basic Attack’s Damage increased from 125% to 130%


  • Physical Attack Growth increased from 9.75 to 12.75


Skill 2: Spectre Step

  • Cooldown decreased from 12-8s to 8-4s

  • New Effect: It goes into cooldown after the second cast hits (on the first cast if the second cast isn’t released)


Passive: Shadow Combo

  • Damage adjusted from 50 + 80% Magic Power + 8% of the Target’s Lost HP to 50 + (7 + 2% Magic Power)% of the Target’s Lost HP

Skill 1: Dance of Blades

  • Cooldown adjusted from 8-6s to 7s at all levels


Passive: Passive Armor

  • The extra Movement Speed now decays faster

Ultimate: Endless Shards

  • Shifted most of the damage to the final hit so the opposing players may dodge the damage using Blink or skills that grant Invincibility, also slightly lowered the AoE damage



  • Energy Regen at the Fountain greatly increased

Skill 2: Steel Cable

  • Energy Cost Reduced Per Successive Cast increased from 1 to 2


Passive: Battle Side-by-Side

  • Dexter’s Damage adjusted from 35% Physical Attack to 20 + 35% Physical Attack

Skill 1: Art of Thievery

  • Extra Movement Speed and Attack Speed Per Stack increased from 3%-7% to 4%-7%

Skill 2: Battle Mirror Image

  • Dexter’s Damage adjusted from 35% Physical Attack to 20 + 35% Physical Attack


Skill 2 – Crescent Moon

  • Burst Movement Speed Boost increased from 30% to 50%

  • Continuous Movement Speed Boost decreased from 15% to 10%

  • Basic Attack’s Total Extra Damage adjusted from 40 + 40% Physical Attack + 50% Magic Power to 40 + 30% Physical Attack + 70% Magic Power

Popol and Kupa

Passive: We Are Friends

  • Kupa can now correctly inherit 100% of Popol’s Attack Speed

Skill 1: Bite ’em, Kupa

  • Signal Arrow Damage decreased from 100-190 to 80-170

  • Kupa’s Base Damage decreased from 120-210 to 100-190

  • Fixed an issue where Kupa could bite 3 times even when not in Alpha Wolf Form

Ultimate: We Are Angry!

  • Fixed an issue where Kupa would launch extra Basic Attacks during the 3 rapid bites in Alpha Wolf Form


Ultimate: Speedy Lightwheel

  • Basic attack damage during ultimate increased from 60%-66% to 65%-75%

  • No longer reduces attack speed for the duration

  • Cooldown increased from 30s-20s to 40s at all levels


Passive: Assassin Impact

  • Extra Damage Against Creeps increased from 15% to 50%


Passive: Shark Bite

  • Physical Attack Bonus decreased from 145-180% to 135-170%

Skill 2: Ale

  • Base Damage increased from 180-380 to 200-400

Ultimate: Deadly Catch

  • Magic Power Bonus increased from 150% to 170%


Ultimate: Entropy?

  • Cooldown increased from 33-25s to 48-36s


Skill 1: Leap of Faith

  • Cooldown decreased from 10-7.5s to 8-6s

Ultimate: Valkyrie Descent

  • Cooldown increased from 46-40s to 54-46s


Skill 1: Void Blast

  • Cooldown increased from 4.5-2.5s to 6-2.5s

Ultimate: Real World Manipulation

  • Cooldown increased from 55-45s to 65-55s

  • Mana Cost increased from 110-190 to 180-260


Phovius receives a slight nerf.

Skill 1: Malefic Terror

  • Shield’s HP Bonus decreased from 8% to 6%

Ultimate: Demonic Force

  • Cooldown increased from 45-35s to 50-40s



  • Base Physical Attack increased from 90 to 95

  • Base Movement Speed increased from 240 to 245


Skill 1 – Synchro Fission

  • Initial Damage increased from 145-270 + 70% Magic Power to 204-324 + 84%

  • Magic Power Explosion Damage increased from 435-810 to 510-810


  • Ultimate – Feathered Airstrike

  • Cooldown increased from 36s-28s to 46-38s

MLBB Patch 1.6.50 Battlefield Changes

Map Changes

  • Optimized the display of Turrets’ HP bars

  • Turtle’s and Lord’s HP bars will now shift as your location changes

Blessings Changes


  • HP Regen decreased from 360-900 to 300-750


  • Now it takes 1.5s for the Movement Speed boost to reach the maximum


Killing Spree

  • HP Regen decreased from 15% to 12%

  • Movement Speed Boost decreased from 20% to 15%


War Axe

  • Physical Attack decreased from 45 to 35

With the arrival of a new hero coupled with all the changes to the most meta-defining heroes in Mobile Legends, a new challenge awaits players in the MLBB Patch 1.6.50 patch update.

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