MLBB North America Development League (NDL) Officially Announced

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MLBB North America Development League (NDL) Officially Announced


Moonton has officially announced its first North America Development League (NDL) for MLBB.
Tournament registration is currently ongoing.
The NDL features a prize pool of 40,000 Diamonds with the crowned champions taking home a $500 USD cash prize.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) developer Moonton has officially announced the North America (NA) Development League (NDL). This tournament was previously teased on January 16th, with various professional players from North America revealing that there were discussions of a development league for the region.

The NDL is an opportunity for players who are looking to showcase their skills and compete in MLBB at a high level. The tournament will feature a prize pool of 40,000 Diamonds, with the champions going home with a $500 USD cash prize. This is a significant opportunity for up-and-coming players to gain recognition and potentially break into the professional scene.

Registration for the NDL tournament is currently ongoing, and interested participants are required to join the official Discord in order to start the registration process.

How to register for NDL?

Moonton has advised teams and its members to prepare the following information before starting the registration process for the NDL:

  • Team Name

  • Team Logo (Optional)

  • 4-Letter Team Tag and Server

  • Team Member Information (including Discord tag, MLBB in-game name, and Player ID with Server ID)

Once applicants have prepared the requirements, simply head to the official discord server by following the link provided. Applicants will need to undergo a short verification process before they can officially join the server.

Make sure you enabled “Allow direct messages from server members” which can be activated by heading to the User Settings in Discord.

How to register for NDL?

After joining the official Discord server for the North America Development League (NDL), players must head to the “LEAGUE-REGISTRY” channel, tag the “Tournament Manager” in the message box, and type “update team”. The Tournament Manager bot will then ask if you would like to update your team information. Players should reply with “Yes.”

How to register for NDL?

The Discord bot will send you instruction on what you need to do in order to register your team. Simply follow these instructions in order to complete the process.

For an in-depth guide on how to register for the upcoming NDL tournament, fans can watch a guide posted on the league’s official YouTube channel.

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