MLBB Implements New Mechanic to Acquire Ranked Season 27 Skin


MLBB Implements New Mechanic to Acquire Ranked Season 27 Skin

John Dave Rossel
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Moonton changes how players can obtain the MLBB Ranked 27 skin.
Players will now only need to play 20 ranked matches in order to unlock the Season 27 skin Winged Nightmare Argus.
The MLBB Ranked Season 26 skin will still follow the previous mechanic where players need to reach Master and higher rank before the season ends.

The rules for acquiring the Ranked Season 27 rewards have been adjusted in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) . Unlike the previous iterations, the next season will reward players with an exclusive skin only after playing a specific number of ranked matches when the official MLBB Season 27 starts. The skin reward for Season 26 will remain the same and will still be rewarded to players who reach the Master tier or higher before the season ends on 30th December (server time). This new mechanic will allow players to easily acquire the exclusive skin without having to grind too many ranked matches and reach a specific division.

MLBB Season 27 skin can be acquired after playing 20 ranked matches

Players who only aim for every season’s ranked exclusive skin will no longer have to spend hours grinding to reach Master tier or higher as Moonton made changes to the reward mechanics in MLBB Season 27.

According to the official Twitter post of Mobile Legends, the upcoming season will reward players with the Winged Nightmare Argus skin after playing 20 Ranked Matches. This new rule will be implemented once the new season officially starts on 31st December.

On top of the exclusive skin reward, players will also see a brand new theme for the ranked lobby titled “Scarlet Shadow.”  The usual rewards such as Loading Screen Borders, Star-Up and rank protection cards will still be obtainable as players reach a higher tier or division in the ranked ladder.

As for the MLBB Season 26 skin War Chief Barats, players will still need to reach Master or above in order to earn the skin before 31st December. Players only have a few days left to grind in ranked games to get this season’s exclusive skin.

It will be interesting to see more rewards and changes being added to the MLBB ranked system to encourage more players to play the competitive game mode and test their skills by climbing the ranked ladder up to Mythic Glory.

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