MLBB and Fried Chicken: Detective Opens Up About His Passion and Obsession



MLBB and Fried Chicken: Detective Opens Up About His Passion and Obsession

John Dave Rossel
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CFU Gaming's Jungler Detective shared how he started his esports career.
Detective revealed what he does outside of esports and how he spends time with his family and friends.

CFU Gaming’s star jungler Nhem "Detective" Chandavan, has been a formidable force in the Cambodian esports scene since 2022. 

While championship glory has eluded his team thus far, their consistent performance, securing second place since Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Cambodia (MPL KH) Spring 2023, attest to the team’s potential to some day take center stage.

During his career under CFU Gaming, Detective, has time and time again proven that he is a key asset for the team’s success. The squad remains hopeful that they shall finally have their breakthrough in the ongoing MPL KH Season 7 and clutch a championship title.

In a media interview, Detective opened up about his profound passion for esports, his goals in life, as well as his quirky obsession with food, specifically, Fried Chicken.

Detective puts his education on pause, for now

Raised in a family that sells cows for a living, Detective's trajectory shifted dramatically when he discovered Mobile Legends and the allure of esports.

“I think I was around maybe 15 when I started in esports and went to do tryouts but I didn’t really get into a team. I think I got recommended by my current coach who called me to compete,” he shared.

The now 17-year-old jungler shared how he had to sacrifice his studies just to give more time to honing his skills in Mobile Legends, a decision met with skepticism from his parents. 

Detective puts his education on a pause, for now


However, his standout performance in the 32nd SEA Games - Men’s Tournament MLBB Division served as a turning point, earning his family's resolute support.

“At first they didn’t have a choice but to support me but later on after I had a pretty good performance they gave in. I think the most important thing was during the SEA Games, it’s when they really approved of me because it’s one of the biggest achievements for me,” he expressed.

Detective did not face his challenges alone

Being in the big leagues puts a lot of pressure on any player, regardless of their skills and confidence. This is why having someone to share your burdens can be a game-changer for most people.

Detective shared how he finds solace in the unwavering support of his family.

“I’m happy about [my parents supporting me]. I no longer feel any pressure like before,” the esteemed Jungler stated.

Detective did not face his challenges alone


Aside from his parents, Detective expressed how he wouldn’t be in the big leagues without the help of his coach, as well as his teammates, who guided him both in esports and in life.

“Esports had changed me a lot, making me more independent because I’m far away from my family. I’ve also matured and become hardworking thanks to the guidance from my coach and teammates. They are older than me and they gave me good life advice,” he shared.

Detective likes to live a simple life outside esports

Outside of esports, Detective leads a modest lifestyle, prioritizing financial prudence and investing in his future endeavors.

“Right now, I haven’t bought anything, I just save money for the future,” he said.

While fans may think he is a wise spender as he prefers to save money, Detective stated “No, not really. Because sometimes I overspend on food,”  revealing how he has a soft spot for food, specifically fried chicken.

“I think outside of esports and tournaments I just like to go outside and eat. I like to eat a lot because food tastes good,” he expressed. “I like all kinds of fried chicken.” 

His love for food transcends personal indulgence, often transforming into cherished moments shared with family and friends after a hard day's work.

Detective likes to live a simple life outside esports


Detective's main goal

Despite past setbacks, Detective remains firm on his goal to win a championship title and make a name for himself in the MLBB esports scene and he will stop at nothing to achieve it.

“When I do something and I have a goal, I really do everything just to get it. Right now, I still haven’t gotten it, so I think that’s what drives me to keep going,” he shared.

While Detective is currently in his prime and the momentum just keeps going, he is aware that he may need to return to his studies someday. However, until that day comes, he remains determined to keep moving forward with his esports career.

CFU Gaming, alongside Detective, is on the grind for the MPL KH Season Season 6 trophy. The stakes are high this season as the crowned champion will also have the privilege of representing Cambodia in the upcoming Mobile Legends Mid Season Cup (MSC) 2024, set to be held in Saudi Arabia with a massive $3 million USD prize pool.

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