MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.62 Full Notes and Updates


MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.62 Full Notes and Updates

John Dave Rossel
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The content for the MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.62 update has been revealed.
The update features experimental adjustments to balance out the viability of heroes in the game.
The new feature, Creation Camp, has also received a few system adjustments.

The content for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Advanced Server Patch 1.6.62 has been revealed. This update has been currently made available only on the advanced server of Mobile Legends and is yet to be released on the regular servers. The MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.62 update mainly delivers balance changes to heroes, including a slight revamp for the hero Akai and a few experimental adjustments for other heroes. Depending on how these hero adjustments perform, they are subject to change and may or may not arrive on the regular servers of MLBB. A few system adjustments will also be applied in the patch update along with new features.

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.62 hero changes

Akai received slight adjustments.


A slight revamp for the hero’s ultimate ability.


  • Enemies knocked back by the skill will now knock back other enemies they come into contact with during the process, while the knockback duration and distance are reduced.


Experimental Adjustments: In this patch, the casting difficulty of her ultimate ability has been adjusted.


  • Number of Weaknesses: 4 >> 3

  • Weakness Damage Increase: 40% when All Weaknesses are Hit >> 15% for Each Weakness Hit

  • Vision Reveal Duration: 6s >> 5s

  • Damage Increase Duration: 6s >> 5s


  • Duration: 2.5s >> 2s


A major buff to his Ultimate has been implemented as well as a few adjustments to his passive.


  • Bonus HP From Equipment & Emblems: 40% >> 30%

  • Fixed an issue where the Deadly Thorns couldn't be triggered when Belerick was protected by a shield.

  • Deadly Thorns now prioritize enemy heroes.


  • Now taunts enemies hit instead of immobilizing them.

  • Vines' spreading speed increased.

  • Cooldown: 40-32s >> 50-42s

  • Recommended builds optimized.


A slight nerf to her skill casting capabilities.


  • HP Growth: 52 >> 165 (applied in the previous version)

Skill 1

  • HP Cost: 2.5%-3.5% of One HP Bar >> 2.5%-4% of Three HP Bars


  • HP Cost: 30%-50% Current HP >> 50% Current HP at All Levels

  • Base Damage: 300-500 >> 500-700

Guinevere received an experimental adjustment on her abilities.


Experimental Adjustments: Her sustainability has been increased.


  • New Effect: When fully charged, Guinevere's next basic attack reduces her Skill 1's cooldown on hit.

  • Removed Effect: The enhanced basic attack no longer restores HP on hit.

Skill 1

  • New Effect: Hitting the target with this skill now restores HP based on Guinevere's lost HP.


A slight increase to how Xavier scales from early to mid-game.

Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 300-500 >> 300-550

Skill 2

  • Cooldown: 14-12s >> 13-11s


A slight buff to her overall damage.

Skill 2

  • Base Damage: 185-335 >> 210-360

  • Cooldown: 10-7.5s >> 8-6s


  • Damage Increase Per Stack: 60-100 (Fixed) >> 2.5% of the Target's Max HP

  • Damage Increase At Full Stacks: 35% Total Damage >> 15% of the Target's Max HP (ie, deals damage equal to 30% of the target’s Max HP)

  • Fixed an issue where the splash damage was different than stated.

  • Recommended builds optimized.


Slight improvements to Grock’s durability and crowd control capabilities.


  • Extra Phvsical Defense For Each Point of Phvsical Attack: 0.5 >> 0.75

  • HP Regen When Near A Wall: 16-39 >> 22-90


  • Stun Duration: 1.2s >> 1.8s

  • Cooldown: 50-40s >> 46-38s

  • Recommended builds optimized.


A slight buff to Gatotkaca's laning and crowd control capabilities.

Skill 1

  • New Effect: The continuous damage now deals 200% damage to minions.

Skill 2

  • Taunt Duration: 1.5s >> 2s


Adjustments on how Martis scales throughout the match has been implemented.

Skill 2

  • First Three Attacks' Damage: 150-200 + 70% Total Physical Attack >> 100-150 + 50% Total Physical Attack

  • Fourth Attack's Damage: 200-300 + 150% Extra Physical Attack >> 200-300 + 100% Total Physical Attack


  • Base Damage: 650-850 >> 800-1000


A slight nerf to Zhask’s ultimate ability.


  • Magic Lifesteal slightly reduced.


A slight nerf to Hylos’ early game power to prevent him from overperforming in the late game.


  • Base HP: 3109 >> 2909

  • HP Growth: 340 >> 360

Skill 2

  • Movement Speed Reduction: 6% at All Levels >> 4%-6%


A slight nerf to Atlas’ passive.


  • No longer reduces enemies' Attack Speed by 50%.


A slight rollback on the buffs that were previously applied to Baxia.

Skill 2

  • Base Damage: 180-280 >> 180-255

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.62 Weekly Free Heroes

8 Free Heroes: 4th March to 11th March (Server Time)

  • Hylos, Kimmy, Gusion, Aurora, Terizla, Selena, Luo Yi, Silvanna

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes

  • Mathilda, Khufra, Pharsa, Karrie, Vexana, Lunox

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.62 Battlefield Adjustments

Blade Armor

Unique Passive - Bladed Armor

  • Fixed an issue where the damage was calculated by the target's Physical Defense instead of the hero's.

  • Damage: 50% Physical Defense >> 40% Physical Defense

Twilight Armor

Unique Passive - Twilight

  • Damage: 20 + 7% Extra HP >> 20 + 6% Extra HP

Cursed Helmet

Unique Passive - Burning Soul

  • Passive Damage: 1.5% Max HP >> 2% Max HP

  • Extra Damage Against Minions: 50% >> 100%

Molten Essence

Unique Passive - Burning Soul

  • Extra Damage Against Minions: 50% >> 100%

Guardian Helmet

Unique Passive - Recovery

  • HP Regen Per Second (Out of Battle): 1.5%-3.5% (increases by 0.25% for each kill/ assist) >> 2.5% (no longer scales with kills/assists)

  • New Effect: Also regenerates 1% Max HP per second in battle.


  • New Effect: The extra EXP granted by the Roaming Footwear is now doubled in the first 2 min.

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.62 System Adjustments

Creation Camp Updates

  • Added more maps, including Brawl (Necrokeep), Survival (Minoan Labyrinth), and Chess-TD.

  • Added more winning conditions, including Survival and Chess-TD.

  • Added more options related to team numbers and sizes.

  • Added an option to enable Overdrive.

  • Added options related to Passive Gold/EXP Gain.

  • Added hero-based options such as Franco's Hook Range and Franco's Skill 2's Damage.


  • New Function: The Activity Record in Settings now allows you to check your recent messages that contain words marked as censored.

Given how many experimental adjustments were implemented in this patch update, it will be interesting to see which adjustments go through to the regular server of Mobile Legends.

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