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Mazy Says BGIS 2024 Will Use the New 10 Point System

Umesh Borkar
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Mazy has revealed that Krafton will be using the 10 point system in the BGIS 2024 event.
The new point system will help teams put more focus on securing more elimination points rather than playing a position based gameplay.

Although Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a survival based game, the esports scenario of the game has seen significant changes. In past years the points system for the esports matches was more focused on survival than eliminations, but recently the global scene has seen significant improvements and the focus has now shifted to more of an elimination based gameplay. The global points system where teams are awarded less points for survival is now being introduced in BGMI through Krafton’s official events. 

Zishan "Mazy" Alam an official BGMI caster for Krafton, in a recent live stream confirmed that the soon to take place Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 event will use the new global points system.

Mazy reveals Krafton to use 10 point system for upcoming BGIS 2024 event

Mazy is an Indian Esports caster and in a recent live stream, while talking about the new rules and features for upcoming BGMI events, he revealed that Krafton will be using the new points system for allocating points in the BGIS 2024 event. 

The new points system allocates points to the teams on the basis of the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile Esports points system. The team securing the chicken dinner will now receive 10 points instead of 15 and the amount of points will keep decreasing for lower placed teams. Almost every tournament organizer in the 2024 BGMI season so far has used the new points system which is also an indication of the changes expected in the times to come.


BGMI New Points system:

  • 1st place: 10 points.

  • 2nd place: 6 points. 

  • 3rd place: 5 points.

  • 4th place: 4 points.

  • 5th place: 3 points.

  • 6th place: 2 points.

  • 7th place: 1 point.

  • 8th place: 1 point. 

  • 9th - 16th place: 0 points.

  • 1 Finish: 1 point.

The competition among the squads will increase as teams who preferred to play a position based gameplay will now have to put more emphasis on securing eliminations if they have to compete against teams who show aggressive gameplay. This also means a lesser number of teams will be seen opting for heal battles which generally provide teams with a good number of placement points in smaller maps such as Sanhok.

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