Mavi Explains the Absence of S8UL Esports’ Members at His Wedding

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In a recent livestream, Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh cleared the air regarding the absence of S8UL Esports members at his wedding.
He stated that all the members of S8UL Esports were aware of his wedding.
Mavi explained that due to unfortunate weather conditions and accommodation problems, the members of S8UL Esports could not attend the wedding.

In a recent livestream, professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player and content creator Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh cleared the air regarding the absence of S8UL Esports members at his wedding. In contrast to what fans believed, Mavi stated that everyone at S8UL Esports knew about his wedding ten to fifteen days before the wedding. Following this, he also explained the reason why most of the S8UL Esports members missed such an important event in his life.

Mavi reveals that everyone at S8UL Esports knew about his wedding

After a lot of leaked pictures and videos, Mavi finally confirmed on 23rd December that he got married via an Instagram post. The first leaked clip was uploaded on 20th December, congratulating Mavi on getting married. As soon as the video grabbed the attention of the entire BGMI community, fans started asking questions to S8UL Esports due to their tight-knit relationship with Mavi. However, neither of them revealed anything regarding Mavi’s wedding, nor did they seem to attend it. As a result, fans presumed that either Mavi did not invite S8UL Esports to his wedding or S8UL Esports’ members did not attend the wedding.

Finally, Mavi went live on his YouTube channel on the eve of Christmas and cleared the air. During this livestream, Mavi explained to his fans that he decided to keep his wedding private. “But a lot of clips went viral after the wedding. I thought people would be furious about it, but they weren’t. They showed a lot of love,” added Mavi.

Following this, Mavi cleared the air by saying that everyone at S8UL Esports was aware of his wedding. “When my wedding clips went viral, a lot of people, haters, asked why I did not invite S8UL to the wedding. I discussed everything with Goldy and Thug ten to 15 days before the wedding,” said Mavi.

He explained why most S8UL Esports members missed his wedding: “The main problem was there is a lot of fog in Punjab, and the usual time for Punjabi weddings is before 12:00 pm. There was no option for accommodating in Sangrur, Punjab (his hometown and venue of the wedding); there was an option to stay in Chandigarh, India. However, if they had stayed in Chandigarh, they would’ve had to leave Chandigarh at 7:00 in the morning, which is very risky as there is almost zero visibility in the fog.”

Mavi explained that it was challenging for S8UL Esports’ members to attend the wedding due to unfortunate circumstances. However, they had already discussed it and planned an afterparty in Mumbai, India, after the wedding.

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