MAGIC SQUAD Clinches Victory in FFWS 2023 Grand Finals; Results, Highlights & More


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MAGIC SQUAD Clinches Victory in FFWS 2023 Grand Finals; Results, Highlights & More

Ahsan Kabir
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Intense competition among top global esports teams unfolds at the FFWS 2023 Grand Finals.
BURIRAM UNITED ESPORTS and CGGG clinch second and third positions respectively.

In a thrilling culmination, the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2023 Grand Finals concluded in Bangkok, Thailand, today, showcasing the prowess of esports talent on November 26, 2023. This monumental event, orchestrated by a premier esports organizer, featured a dazzling $1,000,000 USD prize pool that drew attention worldwide.

MAGIC SQUAD Secures The Trophy

Kicking off on November 10th, the FFWS 2023 Bangkok Grand Finals brought together twelve elite teams. Among them, eight received direct invitations, while the remaining four teams battled their way through the play-ins stage. Below are the comprehensive standings:


  • MAGIC SQUAD – 112 points


  • CGGG – 89 points

  • RRQ KAZU – 72 Points

  • WAG – 78 points

  • EXP ESPORTS – 68 points

  • LOUD – 66 points

  • POCO STAR – 64 Points

  • THORRAD – 44 points

  • EXPAND – 28 points

  • GOD OF WOLF – 25 points

  • P ESPORTS – 14 Points

Recap of FFWS 2023 Grand Finals

In the overall standings of the FFWS 2023 Grand Finals:

  • Buriram United Esports from Thailand secured second place, amassing a total of 95 points. Despite a slow start in the finals, their consistent exceptional gameplay in earlier stages contributed to their strong finish.

  • CGGG, another formidable Thai contender, entered the finals with the highest head start points but fell short of claiming a decisive victory, settling for a commendable third place with 89 points. Challenges in accumulating placement points hindered their overall impact.

  • RRQ Kazu from Indonesia maintained consistency throughout the tournament, securing a top-five placement in every stage, culminating in a fourth rank with 72 points during the finals.

  • LOUD, a Brazilian squad, faced a tough outing in the finals, securing the seventh position with 66 points, contrary to their earlier performance.

Distribution of Prize Pool

The FFWS 2023 boasted an impressive total prize pool of $1 million. Earning the title, MAGIC SQUAD clinched the championship and received a substantial reward of $300,000. The accolades didn't end there:

  • BURIRAM UNITED ESPORTS, securing the second spot, was awarded $150,000.

  • CGGG, claiming the third position, walked away with a commendable $65,000 prize.

The triumphant victory of MAGIC SQUAD in the FREE FIRE WORLD SERIES 2023 stands as a testament to their skill and strategy, securing their place in esports history alongside the other remarkable contenders.

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