Long Queue Times and Frustration: iFerg, Noah, Bobby Speak Out Against COD Mobile SBMM

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Long Queue Times and Frustration: iFerg, Noah, Bobby Speak Out Against COD Mobile SBMM</p></div>
Long Queue Times and Frustration: iFerg, Noah, Bobby Speak Out Against COD Mobile SBMM


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Bobby expresses his resentment towards the new matchmaking system that has allegedly doubled the average queue time for Legendary players.
Terming it as the new "CODM Killer" he pointed out the flaws in Skill Based Matchmaking.
Ferg and NoahfromYT joined the conversation on Twitter, sharing how it is affecting their stream and content production.

Recently, Bobby "BobbyPlays" Buckets, one of the top COD Mobile creators and esports caster out there, took to Twitter to unleash his frustration caused by the new Skill Based Matchmaking system. Apparently, players ranked Legendary and above are experiencing twice the usual matchmaking time, which is making entering a match a challenge in itself. According to Bobby, previously the matchmaking pool was separated for players who have more than 10,000 ranked points in a current season. In his Tweet, the streamer mentioned that the matchmaking pool has now been diversified even further, making it difficult for everyone to find matches, as streamers now spend most of their time on stream in long queues. 

Popular Content Creators State SBMM is Killing COD Mobile

Accusing SBMM (Skilled Based Matchmaking) as the new CODM killer, Bobby posted on his Twitter handle “SBMM is killing ranked faster than anything CODM has ever seen” with a bunch of screenshots depicting the queue time going up to 5 mins.

This attracted a lot of attention from the community as the biggest icons such as Luke "Ferg" Fergie and Noah NoahfromYT Johnson joined the conversation. 

Initially, people began posting comments questioning Bobby's allegations regarding the team balancing method employed in COD Mobile. This method has been in place for quite some time, ensuring that players are matched against opponents who have a comparable number of teammates. To illustrate, a stack consisting of five players will be matched against a rival stack that also has a full five-man stack in it. Similarly, if someone chooses to play in duos or trios, their opponents will also comprise duos and trios in their team.

However, clearing the clutter, Bobby replied “What CODM had before wasn’t SBMM, it was skill based team balancing. 2 seasons ago they changed so 10k+ points has its own separate matchmaking, then this season they seem to have adjusted it to be more SBMM than point based”.

As a result, players who are legendary or higher are experiencing a significant increase in matchmaking times. “The point of ranked is to RANK players by their skill level, if there is a need for SBMM within a ranked mode then it is not actually a ranked mode” Bobby added.

What Ferg and Noah feels about the current state of CODM Ranke

Activision partner and prominent creator Iferg chimed in on the discussion and expressed his frustration by stating,  “Stream for 2 hours, 1 hour 40 minutes of that is in queues.” Following this, another prominent content creator, Sam Hatch, also known as, DuckytheGamer, agreed with his statement by stating, “You basically did a 1h40m Q&A,” expressing how streamers have to come up with other methods to stay engaged with the chat instead of being able to churn out in-game content. 

Noah, a renowned content creator known for his game-focused content, is also currently facing significant challenges due to a scarcity of matches. He shared his experience by stating,  “My last CODM stream was an hour and a half and I played 1 match. Rest of the time was spent searching for a game,” he said, expressing his frustration with the new matchmaking system.

NoahfromYT on Twitter

Noah on Twitter

Not just creators, ranked players are also reporting frustration caused by the long queues and how it is forcing them to play either custom modes or play against bots in unranked. 

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