Local Game Development: Top 5 Made-in-India Games


Local Game Development: Top 5 Made-in-India Games

Unveiling India's Gaming Gems: The Top 5 Made-in-India Titles Reaching Global Acclaim

Ahsan Kabir
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India's gaming industry has been flourishing, showcasing a blend of creativity, culture, and innovation. Among the plethora of games emerging from Indian developers, here are the top 5 Made-in-India games that have or are set to captivate players both locally and globally. These made-in-India games represent the diversity, talent, and innovation prevalent in the industry, and players have a lot to look forward to as lot of these big titles are scheduled to release this year.

Top 5 Made-in-India Games

1. Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji: An Ancient Epic, developed by Nodding Heads Games, immerses players in the rich tapestry of Ancient India. This action-adventure game follows the journey of Raji, a young girl chosen by the Gods to defend humanity. With stunning visuals, inspired by Hindu mythology, players embark on a quest to rescue Raji's brother and battle formidable foes like Lord Mahabalasura. With a critically acclaimed design, Raji offers a deep dive into Indian culture and folklore. The game is available currently for both PC, Console, and mobile.

2. Asura

Asura, crafted by Ogre Head Studio, delves into Indian mythology, offering players a rogue-like action experience. This game boasts a unique procedural skill tree, ensuring each playthrough is distinct. Steeped in Indian lore, Asura allows players to engage in brutal hack-and-slash gameplay, wielding various weapons and exploring a world rich in mythological elements. Players can get this Indian title on steam.

3. Indus Battle Royale

Indus Battle Royale, a battle royale title by Pune-based studio SuperGaming, is revolutionizing the Indian multiplayer gaming scene by ingeniously blending Indian cultural elements with futuristic settings. Akin to Apex Mobile, each character, dubbed as "Mythwalker," boasts unique abilities inspired by Hindu mythology. While primarily a battle royale shooter, Indus innovatively incorporates extraction shooter mechanics through "Cosmium," providing an alternate win condition beyond being the last player standing.

This made-in-India game offers seamless cross-platform accessibility across consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. SuperGaming actively engages the community through playtests and esports tournaments, fostering a collaborative development approach. With aspirations for a global release, Indus aims to showcase Indian talent on the international stage, blending cultural richness with cutting-edge gameplay mechanics.

4. Underworld Gang Wars

Underworld Gang Wars also dubbed as UGW, is an upcoming Indian battle royale game from Mayhem Studios. In a recent playtest, players experienced UGW's stunning ultra graphics on high-end devices like the Samsung S23 Ultra, achieving a smooth 75fps gameplay. The 1.5 - 2.3GB game features rival gangs The Velvet and The Bhokal Toli with different scenery.

While gameplay mechanics are familiar to the battle royale genre, some aspects need optimization. Currently, only the Dhantara map is available, but more content is expected based on feedback. With optimized performance for 6GB+ RAM devices, UGW aims to deliver an ultra graphics battle royale experience uniquely blending Indian elements.

5. Wex Mobile: Battle Royale

Wex Mobile Battle Royale is an upcoming Indian battle royale mobile game being developed by two individual developers for around 1.5 years. The game allows players to choose and customize different hero characters with unique abilities that can be leveled up through gameplay. It features both ranged gunplay and melee weapons, with melee combat being emphasized for close-quarters fights.

The game has released an early cinematic trailer showcasing some of the characters and combat. While still in development, Wex Mobile Battle Royale has opened pre-registration on TapTap, building anticipation for its expected release in early 2024 as one of the major Indian battle royale titles launching that year.

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