Krafton Schedules Second BGMI Server Maintenance Break In December

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Krafton has pushed a five-minute maintenance break for BGMI.
With eleven more days until December’s end, Krafton has already pushed two maintenance breaks this month.

Krafton has pushed another maintenance break for its currently suspended title, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Prior to this, Krafton pushed a maintenance break on 6th December, which lasted for approximately half an hour. There are still eleven more days until December’s end, and Krafton has already pushed two maintenance breaks this month. However, Krafton did not mention the exact reason behind these maintenance breaks. Maintenance breaks are quite common in all games, but two breaks, that too, amid the game’s unavailability, is something unusual.

Krafton pushes a five-minute maintenance break for BGMI

The previous maintenance break brought back the ‘Bonus Challenge’ to the game. However, the latest maintenance break does not seem to have brought any new in-game changes. However, it is interesting to note that both maintenance breaks had differences in terms of maintenance duration, expected timing, and the announcement message.

The previous break was scheduled for around half an hour, and players faced some instability in the game while playing during that period. However, the latest maintenance break was scheduled for only five minutes. Players did not notice any significant instabilities during this period of time. However, the break duration was short, so it might not have affected many players. On the other hand, the previous break started at 12:00 pm and ended at 12:30 am, whereas the latest one began at 11:30 am and ended at 11::35 am. 

The most apparent difference between the two maintenance breaks was how the announcement messages were penned. On the one hand, the previous break simply notified the players that Krafton was performing a scheduled maintenance break, and due to it, certain functionalities might not work properly. It ended the message with an apology for the inconvenience and regards from Krafton. 

On the other hand, the latest maintenance break was a little different. It stated that the team is continuing to make the game more “safe, secure and action packed.” Following this, it notified the players about the maintenance break. This message ended with an apology as well as it asked the players to play responsibly. However, this time, the message did not end with regards only from Krafton but also from BGMI.

BGMI Maintenance Break

With Krafton putting so much effort into the game, fans are optimistic that the game will soon return. Krafton officially stated that it is trying to resume BGMI services in India. After the latest maintenance break, fans are more excited than ever.

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