PUBG Mobile x Lionel Messi collaboration calendar revealed


Krafton Reveals PUBG Mobile x Lionel Messi Collaboration Calendar

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Krafton recently revealed the PUBG Mobile x Lionel Messi event calendar.
The event is divided into three phases and will take place between 10th November and 3rd January.
Players can enjoy Football Mania, a football-themed event in Erangel, and a bunch of other interesting cosmetics throughout the event.

On 27th October, Krafton announced a huge collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the popular Argentinian Football star Lionel Messi. This new collaboration is set to introduce a unique collection of in-game outfits, weapon skins, and other time-limited items. Krafton recently revealed the entire calendar for the event. Notably, the event started on 10th November and will conclude on 3rd January. The PUBG Mobile x Lionel Messi event is divided into three phases and each phase features different rewards for players.

PUBG Mobile x Lionel Messi event calendar

Exclusive Collaboration Jersey – 10th November to 18th December 2022

In the first phase of the event, each player who joins the Messi-themed event will get an exclusive collaboration jersey. Players can claim this exclusive jersey by logging in to the game between 10th November and 18th December 2022.

Messi's Golden Shoes – 17th November 2022 to 3rd January 2023

The second phase of the event features a new tactical item, Messi's Golden Shoes. Players can find these shoes placed at various locations in the PUBG Mobile x Messi-themed Erangel map. Using these shoes will give players a massive sprint and jump boost along with the ability to sprint. Players can take advantage of these shoes between 17th November 2022 and 3rd January 2023.

Outfits and Items – 23rd November to 31st December 2022

In the third phase of the event, players will be able to claim Outfits and Items. Krafton has not yet revealed which outfits and items it’s going to feature. However, given the history of Krafton, fans can expect the publisher to introduce some exciting rewards and new items to the game.

The first two phases of the event have already started with the release of the most anticipated PUBG Mobile 2.3.0 update. Players can log in to the game to claim the Exclusive Collaboration Jersey and try out the all-new Messi's Golden Shoes. It will be exciting to see what Krafton has in store for the third phase of the event, which starts on 23rd November.

The PUBG Mobile 2.3.0 update has overhauled Erangel with a football-theme event called Football Mania to celebrate the upcoming Football World Cup. Apart from the items mentioned above, players can log in to the game to enjoy the following:

  • Football Arenas

  • ZORB Football Vehicles

  • Wonder Football

  • Football Airdrop

  • GIGA Football

  • Football Themed Spawn Island

  • Football Carnival

Lionel Messi has established himself as one of the most famous and successful football athletes in the world. He played under the banner of F.C. Barcelona (FCB) for the better part of his career until 5th August 2021, when he was dropped out of the team. Later, he joined Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and continues to play for the team. He has earned several titles and awards throughout his career, including the coveted Ballon d'Or award seven times.

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