Nodwin Gaming Issues Warning to Teams Using In Game Chat During BGMS Season 2

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BGMS Season 2


S8UL Sid raised the issue of there being no delay in the live streams of BGMS Season 2.
Nodwin Gaming issued a warning to teams using in-game chat to communicate, during matches.

The ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 has provided viewers with some exciting matches. Teams like Chemin Esports, OR Esports, Numen Gaming and Marcos Gaming have shown exceptional performances.

Recently some of the fans noticed, and were curious, as to why there was no delay in the BGMS Season 2 LAN event. The issue was first raised by S8UL Siddhant “Sid” Joshi. Delay in live streams helps the tournament organizers to prevent issues such as stream sniping. Later Nodwin Gaming also issued a warning to teams abusing this flaw. 

Nodwin Gaming issues warning to teams using In-Game chat to communicate

Usually in tournaments such as BGMS Season 2 there are significant delays in live streams to counter various stream sniping issues. As BGMS Season 2 is going to be viewed on television and Rooter there was no delay added to the live streams. 

Sid explaining the issue said, “It was possible for anyone to send in-game messages to players about the location of teams, rotations, etc. as there was no delay on any of the live stream platforms. The admin would also not be able to see these messages. When I took this issue to Krafton and Nodwin Gaming it was taken lightly and was brushed off”.

“During Day 3 of League Week, when dry run matches started I told Hector to send in-game messages to a few of the players about the location of other teams and the admins were not able to detect these messages. The tournament organizers are looking into the matter and delays will be added going forward into the tournament”, he Said.

A delay plays a huge part in live streamed tournaments especially if they are played online. Stream sniping and teaming up are one of the reasons for adding delays in live streams of tournaments.

A warning was issued by Nodwin Gaming to teams and players using in-game chat during the tournament.

Krafton's Warning

Warning: “we have come across a problem that some of the players are communicating through the In-Game chat, if found doing so the team will be straight away disqualified from the Tournament without any hearing.

If two teams are found to be indulged both the teams will be removed. (The one helping and the one who is playing).

All the players are required to record their POVs, the management can ask for the POV, if not provided strict action will be taken” - Nodwin Gaming

Day 4 of BGMS Season 2 will take place on Thursday 10th August and is the last day to qualify for Super Weekend 1. All three days of the League Week were dominated by Chemin Esports and Numen Gaming. The experienced teams have also started to make a comeback in the event and it will be interesting to see which teams make it to the top 16 and qualify for Super Weekend 1. 

Note: An earlier version of the article incorrectly stated that Krafton issued this warning. This has since been rectified.

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