Krafton Introduces New Events in BGMI Amid Suspension & Immediately Removes Later

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In a surprising turn of events, Krafton recently introduced five new events to its currently suspended title, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).
However, the publisher went on to remove the events after a brief period of time.

Krafton had introduced five new events to its currently suspended title, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), in an unexpected development. Unfortunately, the events have now disappeared from the events section of the game. Notably, these events were added to the game without the need for a Play Store or App Store update or an in-game update. The introduction of these events appeared for a brief period and brought forth a diverse range of in-game rewards for all players. All five events mentioned the start date as 27th February and the end date as either 13th or 14th March.

Krafton removes five newly added BGMI events

This set of events offered players the opportunity to earn free rewards by completing specific challenges. Initially, players needed to complete a range of challenges to obtain the Golden Pan, which they could then exchange for various rewards like an outfit, headgear, and coupon scraps in the redemption store. Additionally, the event also included a ’10 Day Login’ bonus, rewarding players for logging in to the game for the upcoming ten consecutive days. 

Unfortunately, these events have now been removed from the game, and the reason behind the removal of these events has not yet been revealed. Notably, players can no longer participate in the challenges or redeem any rewards.

Following were the challenges and redemption stores of the events:

Deal The Damage: 

Deal damage in Classic mode every day: 4 Golden Pans

Top Class: 

Play Classic mode with friends every day: 6 Golden Pans

Play Battlegrounds & Win Big (Redemption Store): 

80 Pans: Unknown Outfit

40 Pans: Unknown Headgear

4 Pans: 1 Premium Crate Coupon Scrap

3 Pans: 1 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap

1 Pan: 1 Supply Crate Coupon Scrap

10 Day Login: 

Day 1: 5 Silver Fragments

Say 2: 150 AG

Day 3: 10 Silver Fragments

Rest unknown.

Login & Win:

Log in every day: 1 Golden Pan

Krafton actively developing events for BGMI has instilled a sense of optimism among the game’s fans that the company may also be making efforts to address the game’s suspension behind the scenes. However, there has been no direct announcement or hint from Krafton explaining the current state of the game. Although the fans are optimistic about the game’s return, it remains uncertain whether it will indeed come back.

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