Jokerr Faced Hard Time In School Due To BGMI Hacking Accusations


Jokerr Faced Hard Time in School After Being Accused of Hacking in BGMI

The community's actions can lead to agony for a BGMI player.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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In a recent livestream, Dr. Rushindra Sinha, CEO of Global Esports, revealed what Jokerr went through in his school after the team was accused of hacking by the community.
He revealed how everyone who used to click selfies with Jokerr had stopped speaking to him after the hacking accusations had surfaced.

It is not easy being a professional BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) player, especially if you are an upcoming talent who is putting up good performances while taking down established players and teams on your way up the ladder. One of Global Esports' BGMI players, Khush "Jokerr" Singh, went through a particularly challenging phase in his life when the entire team was being accused of cheating by the community.

According to Dr. Rushindra Sinha - CEO and Founder of Global Esports, everyone started distancing themselves from Jokerr in his school and he got left out, as the blatant cheating claims started doing the rounds.

He spoke about this in a recent livestream while explaining in detail all the measures taken by the organization to prove that its BGMI players were actually not cheating or involved in any such practices.

CEO of Global Esports reveals what Jokerr went through in school due to BGMI hacking accusations the team faced

The Global Esports BGMI team has fought through a lot of tough times to reach where it currently stands today. Amongst other challenges, it had to overcome cheating allegations from the community, along with the hate that stems due to it.

While the players dealt with it quietly on the professional front, letting their performances be a representation of their response. Rushindra in a recent livestream highlighted what the Global Esports organization had to do to make sure that its BGMI team was not involved in any form of cheating.

"I have checked the players phones, I have checked the players recordings, Vatsal (VP of Esports) has checked the players phones and recordings, Mayavi (Analyst) has checked the players phones and recordings, we have shared everything with Krafton, we have shared everything with Tesseract, when they won the chicken dinner in the game I was standing behind them. Even after all this if they are hacking, they will officially become the best conman in India," explained Rushindra.

He further pointed out that the players are actually working really hard and that all these hacking accusations affected the team both positively and negatively. On one hand they feel proud about their performance being so good that these accusations are coming up, however the hate and toxicity that comes with it, drags them down.

Jokerr - Second highest finishes in THUG Invitational Season 5

Jokerr - Second highest finishes in THUG Invitational Season 5

Giving an example of this, Rushindra went on to reveal how Jokerr was treated in his school when he had just joined Global Esports and compared it to when the cheating accusations started to surface.

"When Jokerr had joined GE, all his friends at school had become such big fans of his. They were excited and used to click selfies with him," said Rushindra, "Then hacking allegation came and Jokerr found himself sitting alone in the last bench, no one spoke to him and instead called him a hacker, just because the community called him one."

This is what Jokerr had to face in school due to his performance on the server, just because the community painted the team in a bad picture without any solid prove or evidence.

Note: The related section starts from 08:50 onwards, but parts of it is in Hindi.

Most recently Global Esports was crowned as the champions of THUG Invitational Season 5, while also performing exceptionally well in the BMOC 2022 Round 4. It is currently placed sixth in the group stage of the BMPS Season 1 with 268 points against its name and one more week left before the top 16 teams qualify for the grand finals.

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