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Moba Legends

Is "Moba Legends" Mobile Legends Rebranded for India? Unpacking the New Game on Google Play

Abhimannu Das
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Moba Legends was recently listed on the Google Play Store and it looks and plays exactly like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB).
The game is published by Vizta Games, a studio that had previously published another Moonton game titled Watcher of Realms.
The brand name MOONTON, which developed "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang," was copyrighted by Vizta Pte. Ltd in 2020. This suggests a direct connection between Vizta Games and MOONTON, linking them to the newly released game.

A new game titled Moba Legends appeared on Google Play this past week, raising eyebrows with its close resemblance to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), a popular mobile online battle arena (MOBA) game previously banned in India. This release has sparked conversations among gamers and industry insiders about the possibility that Moba Legends is a rebranded version of MLBB, tailored specifically for the Indian market.

MOBA Legends: Echoes of Mobile Legends

The introduction of Moba Legends on April 19 has not gone unnoticed. Highlighted first by a prominent figure in the gaming community on Twitter, Subzidite2, Liquipedia’s APAC Wiki Manager, the game's design and mechanics are strikingly similar to those of the banned MLBB. Furthermore, recent updates to the game have introduced a Hindi language interface, suggesting a direct appeal to Indian players.

Hindi Language Interface in MOBA Legends

MOBA Legends

The What's new section for Moba Legends on Google Play also makes explicit references to MLBB, reinforcing the connection between the two games and hinting at a strategic rebranding.

What's new section for Moba Legends on Google Play

Moba Legends

Additionally, the game is published by Vizta Games. The brand name MOONTON (the developers of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) was copyrighted by Vizta Pte. Ltd in 2020.

This wouldn't be the first instance of a game re-entering the Indian market under a different guise. Following a similar trajectory, PUBG: Mobile returned as Battlegrounds Mobile India after being banned along with MLBB in June 2020. These bans were part of a broader crackdown by the Indian government citing national security concerns over data privacy that could potentially expose sensitive user information to foreign entities.

India remains a crucial market in the global gaming industry, and the successful re-introduction of MLBB, even under a new name, could prove lucrative. The adaptation to include a Hindi interface may help the game reach a wider audience, aligning with broader market trends where localization increases user engagement.

As the situation continues to unfold, industry watchers and players alike are keen to see how this version of MLBB adapted to local tastes will fare in a market that is increasingly vigilant about digital privacy and security.

Moonton has declined to comment on the matter.

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