Is Apex Legends Mobile Coming Back?


Is Apex Legends Mobile Coming Back? EA Hints at Possible Return

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Apex Legends Mobile is expected to return as a “unified single game experience” according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson.
The CEO claims that Tencent's iteration of Apex Legends Mobile failed because of a lack of connection between the mobile and PC/console versions of the game.
The reinvention of Apex Legends Mobile may take years to come and players shouldn't get too excited just yet.

Despite shutting down, Apex Legends Mobile may be set for a return as a brand-new game. Apex Legends Mobile may receive the Fortnite treatment and it may have cross-play and cross-progression between the PC, console and mobile versions of the game. Apex Legends Mobile is expected to return as a “unified single game experience” according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

Apex Legends Mobile is coming back

Apex Legends Mobile’s biggest pitfall according to Wilson is that it didn’t connect with the broader series. Mobile players wanted to compete against their PC and console counterparts and it is something that Apex Legends Mobile did not allow. The game was developed externally by two different Tencent studios in partnership with Respawn Entertainment. 

With Warzone Mobile offering cross-progression once it launches and Fortnite offering the same connected environment for years, Apex Legends Mobile’s re-iteration may follow the same footsteps.

Wilson said, “We've learned a great deal and have plans to reimagine a connected Apex Mobile experience in the future.”

No one knows for certain when the new version of Apex Legends Mobile will release but EA has plans to make Apex Legends a “ten-year franchise” and will not be giving up on the IP anytime soon.

Why was Apex Legends Mobile shut down? 

Apex Legends Mobile launched with high expectations and had a solid start but the popularity of the game fell off amidst game-breaking bugs, cheater problems, and delayed content updates. All in-game purchases will be blocked for Apex Legends Mobile until the game’s end of life and it is no longer available to download on any device officially.

If you already have the game installed, it will continue to be playable until 1st May 2023 after which the servers will be shut down for good.

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