Interview With Aslaa Esports' Co-owner Lucifer and IGL VishuOP


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Interview With Aslaa Esports' Co-owner Lucifer and IGL VishuOP

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The Esports Club recently hosted the New State Open, the first ever New Mobile LAN event in India. It featured a massive prize pool of INR 10,50,000. The sixteen best Indian New State Mobile teams fought against each other for the title and the lion's share of INR 5,00,000. Team S8UL showed an outstanding performance throughout the event and emerged as the champions. One of the eight invited teams for the event was Aslaa Esports. AFK Gaming got the opportunity to interview Aslaa Esports' co-owner Utkarsh “Lucifer“ Dwivedi and in-game leader (IGL) Vishal “VishuOP“ Barik at the venue.

Aslaa Esports aims to grow New State Mobile in India

Aslaa Esports was founded in 2021 and was primarily focused on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). However, after BGMI's suspension, Aslaa Esports began to explore New State Mobile amongst other titles. The organization signed a New State Mobile roster prior to Dreamhack Hyderabad Open 2022, where it emerged as the winner. Following this, it received a direct invite to the TEC’s New State Open.

Lucifer said, “The other co-owner of the organization, Harjinder Singh Amola, has been an esports player for a long time. He wanted to build an esports organization that does something in the gaming field. He is also passionate about New State Mobile. It didn't matter to him what the team does, but he wanted a team that is dedicated and wants to do something in the gaming field. That's why we signed VishuOP's team; his team was dedicated. There are a lot of teams, but I saw potential in his team. So far, they are giving their best. We also have a BGMI line-up, and we are planning to sign more teams for different titles.“

The IGL of the team, VishuOP always knew his team had potential and confidently went on to sign with the organization. “We were here to make a name for ourselves, but we weren't getting any opportunities. We were playing for different teams, but some of us were extras or substitutes in the team. We had the capacity to play in the main roster. So, I called all the players and approached Aslaa Esports. Since then, everything has been going great. We are here to prove ourselves,“ he said.

He also wants to prove that a career in New State Mobile is viable. “We are the only New State Mobile team that is invited to the event. All the other invited teams are BGMI teams. That's why we want to prove that there's a career in New State Mobile, too. It's not like there's only BGMI in esports,“ he said.

Lucifer’s faith in Aslaa Esports’ current roster paid off after the team had an outstanding performance at Dreamhack and a decent performance at the New State Open. “We have known each other since Aslaa Esports organized a New State Mobile tournament when BGMI got banned. We have been planning to sign them since then. We used to talk daily. But the players needed some time to form the team as they had exams. We decided then that we would sign them once they were ready, as they were looking for an organization, and we were looking for players. At first, we weren't sure about signing a New State Mobile line-up as the game was new and BGMI's future was uncertain. Eventually, VishuOP approached us when Nodwin Gaming's Dreamhack Hyderabad 2022 was announced, and we signed the roster and went to Dreamhack. Everything was decided earlier; we just had to sign them,“ he said.

VishuOP and Lucifer express their thoughts on TEC’s New State Open

The New State Mobile LAN tournament at Dreamhack Hyderabad 2022 was Aslaa Esports’ first LAN event. “It was a completely different vibe there. There was a lot of pressure there as a huge audience was watching us play, and it was our first LAN. We also had trouble communicating in-game as it wasn't a specific LAN event for New State Mobile; it was an open tournament. A lot of noise was leaking, even with noise-cancellation headphones,” he said. “But the LAN experience will help us here as we have already played in a LAN setting; we won't panic here, and our strategy is clear.“

“When we were at Dreamhack Hyderabad 2022, we noticed that New State Mobile does not have much of an audience. In India most people believe that esports is only BGMI, but we are here to prove that there are many games in India that have the potential to be a huge esports title, including New State Mobile, Valorant, and more. New State Mobile can also be a career option, but players are supporting BGMI more,“ VishuOP said.

VishuOP even believes New State Mobile is better than BGMI. “New State Mobile is similar to BGMI, but it has better game modes and it is more advanced than BGMI. Moreover, New State Mobile can offer intense competition if more players start playing. New State Mobile is the best alternative to BGMI,“ he said.

VishuOP said the team does not have any high expectations, but it wants to prove itself as one of the top contenders. “We don't have much expectations, because we know this is just the beginning. When we wanted support, Aslaa Esports supported us. We will try to play as well as we can. So, we don't have any high expectations. We only want to prove ourselves, and grow the game as well as its community,“ said VishuOP.

Co-owner said, “Although players don't have much expectations, the organization needs to provide whatever the player needs. I will provide everything that the team needs. If VishuOP tells me that he wants some player in his team, I will sign that player no matter the expense.“ He added, “If the players ask for something that I can't provide at that instance, I will provide it to them anyhow in a week. Because organizations and teams are interdependent.”

VishuOP and Lucifer share their thoughts about New State Mobile

VishuOP stated that even though New State has less popularity in India, it is a big thing in the international market. Following this, he claimed that New State Mobile could grow more than BGMI or at least be at the same level. “In India, it might be less, but it has a huge international market. That's why we are working so hard in the game so that we can also play the international events. If Indian players start playing the game, then the Indian market for the game will also grow huge. But this is the start; this is the first LAN event, and we'll get to know how big the audience will get. If this event succeeds, New State Mobile will grow a lot. It can even grow more than BGMI or stay at the same level.“

VishuOP also shared the first experience of a premium New State Mobile LAN event in India was very enjoyable. “The experience was very nice. It was our first time as an invited team. But it happened very quickly. Soon after Dreamhack, it was announced that we were one of the invited teams for the event. It was a great feeling. The accommodation is also great. Now it feels like we are also becoming big players,“ he said.

Seeing Alsaa Esports exploring different esports titles, we asked Lucifer what other games he plans Aslaa Esports to expand to after New State Mobile. He instantly replied, “Valorant, Pokémon Unite, and Clash of Clans.“ Further, explaining why he would pick these titles, he said, “Because, in Dreamhack, I noticed that these games also have a huge potential. I thought that we could also try those games.“ He added, “I don't want to sign different rosters for the same game; I want to stick with the same roster and provide them everything they want. I will try my best to keep my players together because I want to create a family. I don't want to keep changing our rosters. We will make our own name.“

VishuOP revealed that his goal is to play New State Mobile at the international level. “Esports is a very big market, so my goal is to play at the international level. I want to compete with international players, that's my only goal,“ he said.

VishuOP’s and Lucifer’s words for their fans

Finally, VishuOP appealed to his fans to support and grow the New State Mobile community. “It doesn't matter which team you support, we have to grow the New State Mobile community. No matter which team you support, stay connected and stay with New State Mobile,“ he said. Following this, he added, “Don't lose hope, New State Mobile will grow because this is just the start. If you show support here, there will be more such events.“

Following this, Lucifer asked Aslaa Esports’ fans to keep supporting it and not to hate any other team. “You have been supporting us since BGMI, now we are playing a different game, so continue to support us. As VishuOP said, support any team you want, just don't hate any other team. If you're a fan of Asla Esports, then don't hate any other team. If you're a fan of some other teams, don't hate any other team,“ he said.

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