Indonesian MLBB Team Alter Ego Sends Leomurphy and Ahmad to its MDL division


Indonesian MLBB Team Alter Ego Sends Leomurphy and Ahmad to Its MDL Division

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Alter Ego sends Julian "Leomurphy" Murphy and Ahmad "Ahmad" Abdurrahman to its MDL division, Alter Ego X.
Alter Ego is one of the strongest MLBB teams in Indonesia. The team dominated the MPLI 2020 with a perfect win streak.
Two former Alter Ego X members, Prayoga "REXLONA” Naufal and Devara "DECKOCH" Reynanda Putra may be joining the MPL squad of Alter Ego for the MPL ID Season 9.

One of the Indonesian powerhouse teams, Alter Ego announced that its pro players - Julian "Leomurphy" Murphy and Ahmad "Ahmad" Abdurrahman have been sent to the team’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League (MDL) division, Alter Ego X. The two pro players were a part of the Alter Ego squad that dominated the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Invitational 2020 with a perfect win streak. While the team had a stellar run during the invitational event, it slowly lost its momentum in the subsequent tournaments, finishing in 4th place in last year’s MPL Indonesia (ID) Season 8, and losing its chance to participate in the M3 World Championship.

Leomurphy and Ahmad aim to improve themselves on Alter Ego’s MDL roster

Fans witnessed Leomurphy and Ahmad’s impressive run during the MPLI 2020 and the M2 World Championship, but the ever-changing meta somehow caught the two players off guard.

Leomurphy is known as the “Playmaker,” a formidable adversary when using tank heroes. However, the pro player has a very limited support hero pool which makes it difficult for him to adjust to the current meta where healers like Rafaela and Mathilda are dominant.

Ahmad is the jack of all trades for Alter Ego but mostly plays in the mid lane. His mastery with all the roles gave him the edge the team needed to clutch the victory against Bren Esports in the grand finals of the MPLI 2020. However, the pro player rarely got the chance to shine in the previous tournaments as the team mostly relied on Muhammad “Udil” Julian Ardiansyah to take control of the mid lane.

The full roster of Alter Ego X is as follows;

  • Julian "Leomurphy" Murphy

  • Ahmad "Ahmad" Abdurrahman

  • Munsters

  • Adrian “MARZ” Damari

  • Arasy “ARSS” Zamanullail


  • Wahyu "RAIZEL" aputra

  • Isacc

  • Yoga "KOBOD" Prasetya

  • Jian "Jhehehe" Juliansyah

Alter Ego X promotional Post

Aside from the addition of Leomurphy and Ahmad to the team roster, another noticeable change is the absence of Prayoga "REXLONA” Naufal and Devara "DECKOCH" Reynanda Putra. These two players previously played under Alter Ego X. While Alter Ego’s MPL roster is yet to be revealed, we may be seeing the two players debuting in the professional MLBB esports scene soon as replacements for Leomurphy and Ahmad. For now, fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for the roster reveal of Alter Ego which may be announced soon.

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