Indian Gaming Community Comes Together to Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>S8UL and Godlike Esports</p></div>
S8UL and Godlike Esports


Thug, Mamba, Rebel and Mercy from S8UL visit Godlike Esports Bootcamp for Ganesh Chaturthi.
Kammaljeet, Haivaan, Kiki and several other members from Godlike Esports also visited the Orangutan Bootcamp to seek blessings from the Ganesh idols.

S8UL Esports, Godlike Esports and Orangutan are some of the major esports organizations in the Indian Gaming Community (IGC). Although these organizations are rivals in-game, they have come together to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and visited each other's bootcamps to receive blessings from the Ganesh Idols. Several members as well as organization owners were seen visiting the bootcamp.

S8UL, Godlike Esports and Orangutan celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, members from several esports organizations visited each other's bootcamps to seek blessings from the Ganesh Idols. 

Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, Salman “Mamba” Ahmad, Mrinmoy “Beg4Mercy” Lakhor and Ayan “Rebel” Ali from S8UL visited the Godlike Esports bootcamp. S8UL and Godlike Esports are the most renowned Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) organizations. Both these organizations enjoy a good rivalry in-game and have also dominated the game. 

S8UL and Godlike Esports

Karthik Sabherwal, the founder of Upthrust Esports, along with a few other members also visited Godlike Esports’ Bootcamp. Upthrust Esports is one of the leading Tournament Organizers (TO) and majorly organizes BGMI esports tournaments along with other gaming titles. 

Upthrust Esports and Godlike Esports

Kammaljeet “Kammaljeet” Singh, Vishal “Haivaan” Sharma, Varun “Kiki” Chauhan and several other members  from Godlike Esports visited the Orangutan Bootcamp.

Orangutan and Godlike Esports

Lokesh “Goldy” Jain, in a recent video, had said that S8UL was invited by Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare to visit the Godlike Esports bootcamp for Ganesh Chaturthi. He had also said that he was unable to attend the event last year due to some reason and that this year one of them, either Thug or Naman “Mortal” Mathur, will be attending the event. Goldy had also said that the intensity of the rivalry between Godlike Esports and S8UL has reduced and he hopes the banter between the two teams keeps happening in a fun way in the future.

Everyone from the community was excited and happy that the members from these organizations kept their differences aside and came together to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

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