iFlicks Clarifies Speculation and Advocates his Opinion


iFlicks Sparks Speculation on GodLike Esports' Second Lineup in BGMI

Kavish Sheth
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iFlicks shared a story suggesting a potential collaboration between Saltwat Esports and GodLike Esports based on public information. Ghatak reshared his story and replied to him.
He clarified in a livestream that his statements were mere opinions and not confirmed facts. He emphasized that he was speculating based on the information available to the public.
iFlicks highlighted the importance of considering others' perspectives and expressed that the public has the right to express their opinions on matters that are already public.

Nishant "iFlicks" Murlidharan, renowned coach of the Hyderabad Hydras' Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) lineup, recently found himself in the midst of a social media storm after resharing an intriguing Instagram post. The post suggested that GiLL, a prominent player, would soon join GodLike Esports' second lineup. Meanwhile, Abhijeet "GHATAK" Andhare and Chetan "Kronten" Chandgude, notable personalities in the gaming community, were spotted in Dubai, engaging in discussions with Stalwart Esport's owners. As speculations surrounding the potential collaboration between Stalwart Esports and GodLike Esports grew, iFlicks, a well-known influencer, weighed in on the matter.

iFlicks Responds to Ghatak on His Livestream

The conversation began when Suraj "Neyoo" Majumdar, a professional esports athlete for GodLike's BGMI roster, hinted at the organization's plan to sign a second BGMI roster. Catching wind of this news, iFlicks took to social media to share a story, speculating on the possibility of a partnership between Stalwart Esports and GodLike Esports. This post was later reshared by GHATAK, who humorously remarked on iFlicks' apparent talent for predicting the future, even though uncertainty surrounded his own team's fate.

During a recent livestream, iFlicks addressed the controversy, clarifying that his comments were rooted in publicly available information and personal opinions. He acknowledged the potential misstep of divulging private details, emphasizing that his statements were conjecture rather than verified facts. Admitting that his connections were not entirely foolproof, iFlicks admitted to engaging in speculation.

Expanding on the issue, iFlicks shed light on the tendency for controversies to arise from individuals' failure to consider different perspectives. He stressed the importance of allowing the public to express their opinions on matters already in the public domain. As influencers and creators, iFlicks believed that they should be prepared to receive both adoration and criticism from their audience.

In the meantime, iFlicks has been diligently working on assembling a new BGMI roster for Hyderabad Hydras, promising to unveil further details in the coming weeks. Notably, he hinted at the exclusion of GiLL from Hyderabad Hydras' new lineup, leaving fans speculating about the team's future composition.

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