How to Get Mystic Seeker Weapon Loot Crates & More in Free Fire Weekend Challenge


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How to Get Mystic Seeker Weapon Loot Crates & More in Free Fire Weekend Challenge

Ahsan Kabir
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Free Fire's Weekend Challenge offers Luck Royale Voucher and Mystic Seeker Loot Crates.
Earn extra Gold in Free Fire matches from September 8 to 10, 2023.

In the exhilarating world of Free Fire, the Path to Victory campaign has emerged as the latest sensation. This campaign, initiated right after the conclusion of Rampage: Finale, has unleashed a flurry of thrilling events, each loaded with enticing rewards to keep gamers hooked for days on end. The freshest addition to this list, the Weekend Challenge, presents an exclusive opportunity to secure a coveted Luck Royale Voucher and a trio of Mystic Seeker Weapon Loot Crates.

The Weekend Challenge Unveiled

The Free Fire Weekend Challenge, set into motion on September 8, 2023, is slated to continue throughout the weekend, culminating on September 10, 2023. This exciting challenge requires players to complete specific missions to qualify for these alluring rewards.

Missions at a Glance

To emerge victorious in the Free Fire Weekend Challenge, participants need to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Three Booyahs or 3000 Damage with Grenades: Achieve three Booyahs in battles or inflict a total of 3000 damage using grenades to earn a coveted Luck Royale Voucher (Valid until October 31, 2023).

  2. Eight Booyahs or 5000 Damage with Grenades: For those seeking even greater treasures, secure eight Booyah victories or cause 5000 damage with grenades to acquire three Mystic Seeker Weapon Loot Crates.

The Weekend Challenge

The Weekend Challenge in Free Fire

Steps to Claim Your Rewards

Follow these straightforward steps to unlock your free Luck Royale Voucher and Mystic Seeker Weapon Loot Crates from the Free Fire Weekend Challenge:

Step 1: Accomplish the objectives mentioned earlier, as they contribute to both rewards.

Step 2: Access the event tab and select the Path to Victory section.

Step 3: Navigate to the Weekend Challenge tab and hit the claim button.

Voila! You'll find your vouchers and weapon loot crates ready for use. Ensure that you utilize your Luck Royale Vouchers before their expiry date, while the Mystic Seeker Weapon Loot Crates can be opened at your convenience from the vault section.

Additional Incentives from the Path to Victory Campaign

The Path to Victory campaign doesn't stop at the Weekend Challenge. Here are some more enticing rewards on offer:

10x Gold Drop: From 10:00 PM to 11:59 PM every day between September 8 and September 10, 2023, players will receive extra Gold for every match played. As a bonus, you can earn up to 1000 Gold for free from Daily Gold Drop by participating in BR, CS, or LW matches.

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