How to Get Inner Devil Bundle & more rewards from Free Fire Chaos Ring Event


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How to Get Inner Devil Bundle & more rewards from Free Fire Chaos Ring Event

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Event live now, runs until February 19th in Free Fire.
Spin luck royale for random rewards, redeem tokens for guarantees.

The popular battle royale game Free Fire has introduced an exciting new event called Chaos Ring to its Indian servers. Running from February 4th to 19th, this premium Luck Royale offers players the chance to obtain exclusive themed costume bundles, with the highlight being the "Inner Devil" bundle.

Free Fire Chaos Ring Event with Exclusive Costume Bundles

The Chaos Ring event ties in with Free Fire's Chaos campaign and brings chaos-inspired cosmetics reflecting elements of darkness and demons. The Inner Devil bundle morphs its appearance over time to align with this chaotic theme.

Full List of Rewards from the Free Fire Chaos Ring Event

  • Inner Devil Bundle

  • Backpack Inner Devil

  • Bizon Inner Nightmare

  • Dagger Inner Whisper

  • 10x Universal Ring Tokens

  • 5x Universal Ring Tokens

  • 3x Universal Ring Tokens

  • 2x Universal Ring Tokens

  • 1x Universal Ring Tokens

Making spins in the Chaos Ring Luck Royale costs 20 diamonds each, with an option to make 11 spins for 200 diamonds. As the rewards given out are random, players can utilize Universal Ring tokens won from the event to redeem the item of their choice from the exchange section. For example, 300 tokens can be exchanged for the Inner Devil bundle.

  • 300x Universal Ring Tokens: Inner Devil Bundle

  • 250x Universal Ring Tokens: Bizon Inner Nightmare

  • 60x Universal Ring Tokens: Backpack-Inner Devil

  • 30x Universal Ring Tokens: Dagger-Inner Whisper

Rewards from the Free Fire Chaos Ring Event inn Free Fire

Rewards from the Free Fire Chaos Ring Event

With the Chaos Ring event lasting two weeks, players have decent odds of securing their preferred set of cosmetics. The Deadly Chaos event running concurrently also provides additional ways to earn tokens.

Those eager to jump into the new Luck Royale can simply head to the in-game events section, find Chaos Ring, and start spinning. With Free Fire consistently pushing out exciting new content, the Chaos campaign looks set to deliver intriguing storylines and cosmetics that fans can appreciat and enjoy.

The Chaos Ring also builds hype for the next major update expected at the end of February. As always, players should follow Garena's social media handles for the latest updates on top events and version releases.

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