How To Get All Free Skins And Bundles In Warzone Mobile


How to Get All Free Skins, Items, and Bundles in Warzone Mobile

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Warzone Mobile launch celebration live stream offering XP tokens, calling cards, charms, blueprints, and the iconic Vapor Operator skin.
PlayStation Plus subscribers can claim the Lockpick Groundbreaker Operator skin along with weapon blueprints like the WP9 Red Eye.
Amazon Prime members gain access to the Color Block bundle featuring the sleek Striker blueprint.

Call of Duty's highly anticipated Warzone Mobile is now live, and players have the opportunity to unlock a range of free operator skins and rewards. Most players already know that the Operation Day Zero event is currently live, allowing players to earn Event Points by completing objectives in different Warzone Mobile zones, starting with the Airport in Verdansk.

Apart from the Operation Day Zero event, Warzone Mobile is currently hosting various other in-game events, providing players with a chance to add a bunch of new bundles and skins to their ever-growing inventory. With multiple avenues to explore, let's delve into the details of these events and uncover the methods to obtain these sought-after cosmetic items.

Warzone Mobile Free Skins and How to Obtain Them

Ghost Condemned Operator Skin and Free Bundles

One of the first free rewards is the Epic Ghost Condemned Operator Skin, which comes bundled with the M4 Archfiend Blueprint, X12 - Print of Hell Blueprint, and two other in-game items.

These rewards are available for players who pre-registered before the Warzone Mobile global launch. Additionally, players will be able to equip these rewards in Modern Warfare 3 after the Season 3 update in two weeks.

Ghost Condemned Skin

PlayStation Plus Free Rewards

PlayStation Plus subscribers can get their hands on the Lockpick Groundbreaker Operator Skin, WP9 Red Eye Blueprint, Renetti Klep Tomatic Skin, and other items through the monthly PlayStation Pack for Call of Duty Warzone.

Do keep in mind that it is currently not possible to equip the Operator Skin in Warzone Mobile, but this issue will be resolved in a future update.

WP9 Red Eye Blueprint in WZM

Amazon Prime Gaming Bundle

Players with an Amazon Prime membership can claim the Color Block Bundle in the month of March from the Amazon Prime Gaming store. This bundle includes a beautiful Striker Blueprint, an interesting Blueprint for the Cor 45 pistol, and other items like the Color Blast Calling Card.

Striker Blueprint from Color Block Bundle in WZM

Warzone Mobile 36-Hour Launch Celebration Live Stream Rewards

During the 36-hour Warzone Mobile launch celebration live stream, viewers can earn various rewards by watching for specific durations:

  • After 15 minutes: 1-hour Rank XP Token

  • After 30 minutes: 1-hour Weapon XP Token

  • After 45 minutes: 1-hour Battle Pass Token

  • After 1 hour: The Day Zero Player Calling Card

  • After 2 hours: The Day Zero Event Charm

  • After 3 hours: The Day Zero Longbow Blueprint

  • After 4 hours: The Iconic Vapor Operator Skin

Alternatively, players can redeem codes shown during the livestream in the Call of Duty Redemption Center to claim these rewards.

Vapor Operator Skin in COD Warzone Mobile

5.11 Striker Fender Operator Skin

Through a collaboration between 5.11 and Warzone Mobile, players in the US can get the 5.11 Striker Fender Operator Skin for free. To claim this, players need to create an account and message Striker at a provided number to receive a redemption code.

5.11 Striker Fender Operator Skin in Warzone Mobile

These are all the current free rewards available in Warzone Mobile, offering players a chance to unlock various operator skins, blueprints, calling cards, and other cosmetic items through different methods.

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