Goldy Hints Towards an S8UL Gaming Festival


Goldy Drops Hints About a S8UL Gaming Festival

Kavish Sheth
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Goldy Jain, co-owner of S8UL, has hinted at the possibility of an upcoming gaming festival in Bangalore.
The S8UL gaming festival is set to exclusively feature S8UL members, creating a unique opportunity for fans to engage with their favorite gamers and content creators.
Goldy also hinted towards a possible appearance of Manoj "Sentinel" Kasyap.

S8UL Esports co-owner Lokesh "Goldy" Jain recently hinted at the possibility of an upcoming gaming festival in Bangalore. The festival, expected to span over three days, aims to bring together S8UL members and their audience for an immersive gaming experience. Goldy's statement during a live stream with Shobith "TbOne" Rai sparked speculation among fans, who eagerly await further details and announcements.

S8UL Festival to be Held in Banglore

Gaming festivals are conventions or expos that provide a platform for gamers, developers, and industry professionals to showcase their latest creations, engage with fans, and indulge in the world of gaming. Events like DreamHack, Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), Gamescom, and Comiccon have gained international recognition for their immense popularity and significance within the gaming community.

During a recent live stream on his channel, Shobith "TbOne" Rai was accompanied by Goldy, triggering speculation among fans. Many speculated that S8UL might be planning a boot camp for their Battlegrounds Mobile India lineup in Bangalore. However, Goldy clarified that their intentions were geared toward organizing a gaming festival. He mentioned that the necessary permissions and licensing were still pending and announcements regarding the event would be made soon.

Goldy disclosed that the S8UL gaming festival would span over three days, exclusively featuring S8UL members alongside an audience of gaming enthusiasts. Moreover, he hinted at the possibility of a special appearance by Manoj "Sentinel" Kasyap, adding to the excitement surrounding the event. While specific details about the festival are yet to be revealed, fans are eagerly anticipating further updates.

It is worth mentioning that S8UL was the winner of the Content Group of the Year award in 2022, Esports Awards. Their YouTube channel currently has over a million subscribers, and the creators associated with S8UL collectively have a subscriber count of over 25 million. S8UL Esports has lineups in multiple esports titles, such as Battlegrounds Mobile India and Pokémon Unite.

As the anticipation builds, fans of S8UL and gaming enthusiasts alike eagerly await the official announcement and further information regarding the S8UL gaming festival in Bangalore.

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