Goldy Bans Rebel and Warns MortaL and Scout on SOULCITY


Goldy Bans Rebel and Warns MortaL and Scout on SOULCITY

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Lokesh “Goldy” Jain recently banned Ayan “Rebel” Ali from playing on the SOULCITY server and gave warnings to Tanmay “Scout” Singh and Naman “MortaL” Mathur.
He revealed that Ayan “Rebel” Ali was banned because of exploiting a bug and discussing how to carry three items and similar stuff.
Goldy added that Tanmay “Scout” Singh broke eight rules but was only warned as he was new to RP. He added that Naman “MortaL” Mathur was also warned for the same reason.

S8UL Esports’ co-owner Lokesh “Goldy” Jain recently addressed bans and warnings handed out to a few of S8UL Esports’ members on the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) SOULCITY roleplay (RP) server. He revealed that Ayan “Rebel” Ali was banned from playing on the server for exploiting a bug and sharing it with other members, and discussing which buttons to press to carry three items and similar stuff about buttons. Goldy explained that Tanmay “Scout” Singh broke eight rules, but he was only warned as he was new to RP. Lastly, he added that Naman “MortaL” Mathur was also warned for the same reason.

Goldy reveals why he banned Rebel and warned MortaL and Scout

Grand Theft Auto Roleplay server SOULCITY, which was created in a collaboration between S8UL Esports and Velocity Gaming, recently went live. Many content creators, including S8UL Esports’ members, joined this server to play the game. However, Rebel was soon banned from playing on SOULCITY, whereas MortaL and Scout were given a warning not to break any rules on the server. In a recent livestream, Goldy addressed these bans and warnings. He stated that Rebel was banned from playing on the server for three days. When asked if it was the first ban of the server, he stated that there had been a lot of bans before this. 

Explaining why Rebel was banned, Goldy revealed that Rebel found a bug in the game on the first day and exploited it. Later, he went on to call Mukul “Mafia” Anchal and a few other members of the server and showed the bug to them as well, which prompted him to give Rebel a warning not to do such things. “Next day, he was talking about which buttons he should press to carry three and similar stuff about buttons at half past one at night. So he got banned for three days,” he added.

Following this, Goldy’s viewers asked him why he warned MortaL and Scout. Responding to this, he stated that Scout broke a total of eight rules on his livestream. He took Exion’s name even though taking the real name of the RP members was not allowed. Additionally, like Rebel, he was also talking about buttons and stuff. However, as Scout was new to RP, Goldy decided not to ban him and instead gave him a warning. “Those who think he was doing well in RP, you need to learn more about RP. Scout will improvise over time. I told him yesterday what mistakes he had made,” he added. “Even MortaL got warned about the same thing, about not doing this.”

Since SOULCITY started, viewers have been comparing who was doing well amongst S8UL Esports’ members. Addressing this, Goldy stated, “This was supposed to happen. When all members of S8UL Esports are together, someone will say one is doing well, and someone else will say the other is doing well. We will talk about this one month later.” 

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