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GodLike Esports Wins Jagran Play Call of Duty Mobile Grand Finals

Abhimannu Das
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GodLike Esports completely crushed the competition and won last night's grand finals 4-0.
Enigma Gaming finished in second-place after falling short against GodLike Esports.
Revenant Esports secured third-place at the Jagran Play Call of Duty Mobile Grand Finals.

Jagran Play’s esports event for Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) has come to an end with GodLike Esports taking home first place with a quick 2-0 victory. GodLike Esports had reached the grand finals via the upper bracket and was the most dominant team in the competition. The team will be taking home INR 10,00,000 ($12,275) out of the INR 20,00,000 ($24,550 USD) prize pool as well as bragging rights.

Jagran Play Call of Duty Esports Event Grand Finals Recap

Enigma Gaming vs Revenant Esports (3-2)

The night kicked off with Revenant Esports and Enigma Gaming going up against each other. The first matchup of the night kicked off with a Hardpoint game with a target score of 250. It was the closest game of the night. Revenant had a thin lead of just 15 points towards the end of the game but some important kills came in at the last moment, helping the team extend its lead and win 250-214.

In the second game of the night both teams entered a Payout matchup with a target score of 7 and things were as close as it could get. The teams entered a 6-6 deadlock and Revenant Esports managed to close thanks to a stellar finish by Rahul “Master” Machhar who was declared the MVP of the game. In the Control Standoff game, Enigma Gaming’s Gaurang "PreVail" Palav had a staggering 32 kills and he was able to completely shut down Master, who ended the game with just 16 kills.

Enigma Gaming - Jagran Play Esports Tournament

PreVail had yet another dominating performance with 35 kills in the bag and Enigma won 250-131. Fans did not expect Enigma Gaming to level the playing field in the series after Revenant’s 2-0 lead. But Enigma Gaming defied all odds and managed to take the series to the fight and final game of the lower bracket matchup.

Enigma Gaming won its third match in a row on Search and Destroy: Summit, with a 7:1 Victory against a deflated Revenant Esports side. The entire Revenant side had just 19 kills with three players securing two or less kills. It was a one-sided game and it looked like Enigma Gaming had finally found its footing and was ready to take on GodLike Esports.

GodLike Esports vs Enigma Gaming (4-0)
GodLike started the night with a default win because of its upper bracket performance. Enigma Gaming did come into the grand finals with a lot of momentum and was looking to win the event despite the disadvantage, but GodLike Esports was like an immovable wall in Hardpoint Raid. Zeel "Neutrino" Patel had an incredible game with 47 kills on the tally. No one on the Enigma side could cross the 35 kill mark and Neutrino was like a one-man army. The game ended with GodLike securing a 250-168 scoreline.

Jagran Play Esports Tournament

Search and Destroy Slums was a close-contest but Neutrino dominated in the final rounds to secure a victory. The match ended 9-7 in GodLike’s favor, giving the team a 3-0 lead. In the final match of the night Enigma Gaming was too far behind to make a comeback and GodLike ended up taking home its fourth and final victory of the night.

Jagran Play Esports Tournament

Neutrino was a standout player throughout the series and Enigma Gaming ended up giving him too much space and resources to work with. GodLike headed home with INR 10,00,000 ($12,275) in the bag and the team lost just once in the entire tournament, which was quite the achievement given it was against some of the best teams in the country.

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