GodLike And Stalwart End PUBG Mobile Collaboration


GodLike Esports and Stalwart Esports Terminate PUBG Mobile Partnership

Aditya Singh Rawat
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After a duration of six months, GodLike Stalwart, a PUBG Mobile collaboration between GodLike Esports and Stalwart Esports has come to an end.
During its runs, GodLike Stalwart, competed in tournaments like PMWI 2022, South Asia Fall Championship 2022, and PMGC 2022.
The collaboration was terminated because both organizations have their individual expansion plans and would like to pursue them.

Earlier today on 9th February, an official announcement was made by Stalwart Esports stating that the partnership between it and GodLike Esports had been terminated, due to publisher policies that restrict them from expanding to other regions with the same team.

The two mobile esports powerhouses from India had engaged in a collaboration in July 2022, right before the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022.

As a part of this collaboration, the PUBG Mobile lineup of Stalwart Esports was renamed to 'GodLike Stalwart' and competed under the new banner.

PUBG Mobile collaboration between GodLike Esports and Stalwart Esports comes to an end

The mobile gaming community from India was ecstatic when GodLike Esports collaborated with Stalwart Esports in PUBG Mobile, extending their love and support to GodLike Stalwart across multiple tournaments like PMWI 2022, PMPL South Asia Fall Championship 2022, and PMGC 2022.

Following the collaboration the team finished third in PMWI 2022, fourth in PMGC 2022, and won the PMPL South Asia Fall Championship 2022.

Unfortunately, this collaboration has been terminated following a mutual decision by both organizations. According to the statement released by Stalwart Esports, both of them have expansion plans in place that have to be executed.

While GodLike Esports wants to expand internationally, Stalwart Esports has plans for the Indian market in various esport titles.

As a result the two parties terminated the existing collaboration in place and will now pursue their goals independently. "Going forward, Godlike Esports and Stalwart Esports will continue to operate as separate entities, pursuing their individual goals and visions," read the announcement.

While Stalwart Esports will continue to operate in PUBG Mobile with its Mongolian roster, all eyes will be on GodLike Esports to see if it signs itsown lineup, collaborate with another organization, or simply pull back from the mobile battle royale.

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