Global Esports Bids Farewell To Its BGMI And New State Mobile Rosters


Global Esports Bids Farewell to Its BGMI and New State Mobile Rosters

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In a surprising turn of events, Global Esports has bid farewell to its Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and New State Mobile roster.
The organization did not reveal the reason for disbanding the two rosters.
However, the organization did stated that this move is not its exit from mobile esports and it would re-enter after BGMI’s return.

In a significant development in the Indian mobile esports scene, Global Esports has bid farewell to both its Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and New State Mobile rosters. The announcement has come as a shock to fans as the organization boasted two of the best rosters in the respective games. Unfortunately, it did not reveal the exact reason for the departure of its player. 

Notably, the social media posts mention that the announcement does not mark the exit of Global Esports from the mobile esports scene and it will re-enter the scene once BGMI returns.

Global Esports bids farewell to its BGMS-winning BGMI roster

Global Esports signed its latest BGMI roster in March 2022. The roster included the following players: 

  1. Khush “Jokerr” Singh

  2. Mohammad “Manya” Raja

  3. Nakul “NakuL” Sharma

  4. Manpreet “Rony” Singh

  5. Aj

Despite playing the game for only four months under the organization’s banner, the team proved itself as one of the best in the country. The team had a rough start for a month, finishing in 13th position in the 7Sea Invitational and the Nodwin x Loco All Stars Invitational. However, following these tournaments, the team demonstrated an incredible improvement, winning THUG Invitational: Season 5 and The Esports Club - BGMI Invitational Season 4. The team also showed an incredible performance in the BGMI Pro Series, securing the third position. However, it was the BGMI Masters Series, where the team showed a dominating performance and won the tournament.

Global Esports exits New State Mobile esports after around four months of operations

Global Esports signed its New State Mobile roster in January 2023, which included the following players:

  1. Shubham “AJ” Jayybhaye

  2. SJ27

  3. RJ75

  4. Rahul

  5. NoDDY

The team played only one major tournament under the banner of Global Esports - SPS New State Mobile Open India. It showed a commendable performance in the tournament, finishing in the 7th position in the grand finale.

Previously, in a Twitter thread, Global Esports’ CEO Rushindra Sinha expressed his doubts about the future of mobile esports in India. He questioned the viability of holding onto rosters for popular mobile games - Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and New State Mobile, citing the recent troubles the scene has faced. He stated that the organization was not exiting mobile esports but would jump back in after BGMI’s potential return in the Twitter thread as well.

The organization did state that it would return to BGMI esports after the game’s return, but it did not share its future plans for New State Mobile. New State Mobile is a relatively new game and gained enormous traction amid the unavailability of BGMI, with numerous BGMI professional players switching to the game. However, with the emergence of rumors suggesting BGMI’s returns, numerous players have switched back to BGMI.

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