Garena Unveils New Evo Vault Event with Rare Evo Gun Skins in Free Fire MAX

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Garena Unveils New Evo Vault Event and Rare Evo Gun Skins in Free Fire MAX</p></div>

Garena Unveils New Evo Vault Event and Rare Evo Gun Skins in Free Fire MAX


Free Fire MAX

Evo Vault Arrives: Free Fire MAX unveils rare gun skins and alluring Token Crates.
Limited-time Event: Secure exclusive Evo gun skins through diamond spins in Free Fire MAX.
Prize Bonanza: Get sought-after gun skins by mastering the Free Fire MAX Evo Vault.

With the much-awaited Rampage Finale, Garena introduces a new era of excitement in Free Fire MAX by launching the captivating Evo Vault event. This event presents players with the coveted opportunity to acquire four highly desirable Evo gun skins that have remained elusive for a significant period of time. It's important to highlight that obtaining these sought-after skins comes at a price, as players need to expend diamonds through spins to unlock the rewarding treasures.

The Launch of Free Fire MAX Evo Vault and Its Duration

On August 18, 2023, Garena introduced the new Free Fire MAX Evo Vault, featuring four distinct Evo gun skins. This event is set to continue until September 29, 3:59 am IST. To participate in the event, players need to spend 20 diamonds for a single spin. Alternatively, they can opt for a bundle of 10 spins, which requires only 180 diamonds.

A Glance at the Evo Vault's Prize Pool

The prize pool of the Free Fire MAX Evo Vault encompasses a variety of items, including:

  • M4A1 – Infernal Draco (Level 1)

  • UMP – Booyah Day 2021 (Level 1)

  • MP5 – Platinum Divinity (Level 1)

  • XM8 – Destiny Guardian (Level 1)

  • Infernal Draco M4A1 Token Crate

  • UMP – Booyah Day Token Crate

  • Platinum Divinity MP5 Token Crate

  • XM8 – Destiny Guardian Token Crate

  • Cube Fragment

  • Luck Royale Voucher

  • Armor Crate

  • Supply Crate

  • Leg Pockets

  • Scan

  • Bonfire

  • Summon Airdrop

  • Secret Clue

  • Bounty Token

  • Gold Royale Voucher

Garena Unveils New Evo Vault Event with Rare Evo Gun Skins in Free Fire MAX

Claiming Your Desired Evo Gun Skins

Step-by-step Guide to Acquiring Skins from the Free Fire MAX Evo Vault

To acquire Evo gun skins through the new web event, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account and navigate to the event section. Click on the "go" button located under the Evo Vault tab. This action will bring up the web event interface.

Step 2: Choose the desired number of spins and confirm the purchase. Doing so will grant you items from the prize pool. All the items acquired will be added to your account. In case you receive a skin you already own, it will be converted into 100 Evo Tokens.

Unlocking Evo Gun Skins and the Event's Rules

Players are guaranteed to obtain an Evo gun skin within 50 spins from the Free Fire MAX Evo Vault. This presents an opportunity to acquire an Evo gun skin for 900 diamonds or fewer. Alongside this prized possession, players will also receive 49 other valuable rewards. It's crucial to remember that there are four distinct skins available, and players may receive any one of them.

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