Garena Disqualifies Three Free Fire Teams From FFCO 2021 After Players Were Spotted Sharing Accounts


Garena Disqualifies Three Free Fire Teams From FFCO 2021 After Players Were Spotted Sharing Accounts

Three players caught using another participant's account has resulted in their teams facing disqualification from FFCO 2021

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Three Free Fire teams have been disqualified from the currently ongoing FFCO 2021: Regional Finals.
One member of each disqualified team was caught using another participant's Free Fire account while competing in the tournament.
All three teams will be forfeiting their slots in the tournament while being replaced by the next eligible team.

Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 is currently taking place with the Regional Finals scheduled for July 9. Unfortunately, there have been a few potholes along the road to the finals. Garena recently discovered that there may have been the case of Free Fire accounts being exchanged between players in the ongoing tournament. As a result, three competing teams, LVL ICONIC (Delhi Finals), TR4NSFORMERS (Hyderabad Finals), and Im'thepro (Mumbai Finals), have been disqualified. The decision was made based on Rule 8.3.1 (Player Conduct During a Match) and Rule (Smurfing) of the FFCO rulebook.

Three Free Fire Teams Disqualified From FFCO 2021: Regional Finals

Three participating Free Fire teams were banned from participating in the ongoing FFCO 2021 - Regional Finals due to an incident of account exchange taking place between multiple players. IC-SHARABI, IC.DRAGKING, and DRAGKING-YT were involved in this incident.

As per Garena's competitive ruling,

  1. IC-SHARABI had registered for the upcoming Free Fire Pro League (FFPL) India 2021 Summer and the recently concluded Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) 2021 Spring using a Free Fire account with UID 526148905.

  2. IC.DRAGKING had registered last year for Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) 2020 Fall using a Free Fire account with UID 567637655.

However during the course of FFCO 2021, Garena has found out that IC.DRAGKING had registered through IC-SHARABI's Free Fire account. While IC-SHARABI himself registered for the event through a different Free Fire account with UID 1263532227.

On top of all this, Garena additionally found out that IC.DRAGKING's account is being used by another player called DRAGKING-YT who is competing in Hyderabad Finals for team TR4NSFORMERS.

Based on this investigation the following competitive ruling was passed by Garena while adhering to the FFCO rulebook,

Based on Rule 8.3.1 and Using another player or participant’s account is strictly prohibited. Hence, players, IC-SHARABI, IC.DRAGKING and DRAGKING-YT will receive a severe sanction and is disqualified from the Free Fire City Open. Consequently, their teams are also disqualified .
Free Fire City Open: Competitive Ruling
Relevant Competitive Rules

The Free Fire teams disqualified from the FFCO 2021 are,

  1. LVL ICONIC due to IC.DRAGKING being disqualified from FFCO 2021:Delhi Finals. The team's City Play-Ins slot has been handed over to GENxFORCE.

  2. TR4NSFORMERS due to DRAGKING-YT has been disqualified from FFCO 2021: Hyderabad Finals. The team's Regional Finals slot will be handed over to the next eligible team.

  3. Im’thepro due to IC-SHARABI has been disqualified from FFCO 2021: Mumbai Finals. The team's Regional Finals slot will be handed over to the next eligible team.

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