Free Inner Evil Jeep Skin in Free Fire MAX is Up for Grabs, Check How to Get


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Free Inner Evil Jeep Skin in Free Fire MAX is Up for Grabs, Check How to Get

Ahsan Kabir
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New Chaos event offers free Inner Evil Jeep skin.
Drive 40,000 meters in-game to unlock fiery vehicle.
Event live until February 1st; don't miss out!

Garena Free Fire MAX has introduced an exciting new Chaos event that is offering players the chance to obtain the exclusive Inner Evil Jeep skin for free. This menacing vehicle design fits perfectly with the Chaos theme and is sure to stand out on the battlefield. By completing certain objectives, you can add this awesome skin to your collection.

All you Need to Know about Inner Evil Jeep in Free Fire

Unveiled on January 28th, the Travel in Chaos event will run until February 1st. During this period, you simply have to rack up 40000 meters of in-game travel distance to unlock the Jeep skin as a reward. Considering how short the event is, meeting this requirement should be very feasible if you play regularly.

The Inner Evil Jeep perfectly captures the fiery, chaotic energy of the new game mode. Its deep red armored exterior looks ready to charge into action, decorated with spikes and flaming hot accents. Equipping this skin makes a bold statement and may intimidate your foes. Best of all, it’s totally free as long as you put in the miles during the event timeframe.

In addition to the Jeep skin, other rewards are also up for grabs by hitting certain travel distance milestones:

  • 10,000 meters - Chaos Star token

  • 20,000 meters - Catch Me If You Can skydive trail + Gold Royale Voucher

  • 40,000 meters - Inner Evil Jeep skin

With such enticing prizes on the line, you should have plenty of motivation to jump into matches and start cruising around the map.

Claiming the Items

Once you meet the objectives, here are the steps to obtain your rewards:

1. Open Free Fire MAX and access the Events tab

2. Navigate to the Activities section

3. Tap the Claim button next to the Inner Evil Jeep when the 40000 meter requirement is met

4. Equip the vehicle skin through the Vault

The Chaos event brings excitement, so be sure to experience that new game mode while driving your menacing new set of wheels after finishing the Travel in Chaos event goals. This is a great opportunity to score an awesome free permanent reward that will turn heads in your future battles.

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