Free Fire's Frostfire Hyperbook Top-up Event Leaked; Check Rewards, Dates & More


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Free Fire's Frostfire Hyperbook Top-up Event Leaks: Rewards, Release Date & More

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Free Fire's Frostfire Hyperbook Top-Up event has been leaked and it looks like the event's release in the next couple of days is imminent. This Free Fire Frostfire Hyperbook Top-Up event leak was shared by the well-known data miner @sawgaming_2.0 and hints at the closure of the current Whac Top-Up event to make way for this anticipated release.

Free Fire Frostfire Hyperbook Top-Up Event: Release Date?

Free Fire Frostfire Hyperbook Top-Up Event is scheduled to release on 8th December 2023. The event will cater to players in India, Bangladesh, and Singapore. Participants meeting specific requirements stand to acquire the coveted Frostfire Hyperbook and a unique grenade skin.

How Does the Event Work?

As is customary in Free Fire events, acquiring rewards involves purchasing a set amount of diamonds. Further details regarding these transactions will be unveiled when the event begins.

Frostfire Hyperbook: Items and Rewards

The Frostfire Hyperbook offers an enticing array of rare items, including the Frostfire Ignitor Grenade, Frostfire Hitter, Frostfire Cutie Backpack, Frostfire Keeper Gloo Wall, Frostfire Echo Katana, Frostfire Snip AWM, Frostfire’s Calling emote, and the Sparkling Frostfire Skywing.

Players are advised to spend their in-game currency wisely during this event, especially if they lack sufficient resources. There might be alternative ways to acquire these desirable rewards.

Additional Details: Frostfire Ring Event

The leak also sheds light on the Frostfire Ring event, featuring four items from the Hyperbook. Running parallel to the Frostfire Hyperbook event, this side event will require diamond spending for spins, offering a direct chance to obtain rare items without committing to the Hyperbook.

Top-Up events allow players to get the best deals in the game by offering extra diamonds by reaching each recharge milestone. These leaks offer Free Fire enthusiasts a sneak peek into an exciting future within the game. With promising rewards and engaging events on the horizon, players can eagerly await the arrival of the Frostfire Hyperbook Top-Up event.

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