Free Fire x McLaren Crossover Goes Live Race To Ace Exclusive Event


Free Fire x McLaren Crossover Goes Live: Race to Ace Exclusive Event

Read on to find out complete details about the Free Fire x McLaren exclusive event.

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Free Fire x McLaren Crossover goes live today on 20th July, reveals details about the upcoming 'Race to Ace' exclusive event.
A new McLaren car has also been launched as part of this collaboration under the 'McLaren Project FF', available in Battle Royale mode and Training grounds.
As part of this crossover, an exclusive song has also been launched along with a lyric video titled 'The Fire Is Alive'.

The Free Fire x McLaren collaboration which was teased more than a month ago, finally goes live today on 20th July. The mobile Battle Royale has undergone a thematic makeover that players can observe in-game starting today. Survivors will notice various new elements being featured across the game like a car garage, couple of McLaren P1™s, and several other game features redesigned to McLaren's theme. Apart from this, Garena has also launched an exclusive event called 'Race to Ace' as part of the crossover which is all set to go live from 23rd July onwards. A lyric video of the exclusive song 'The Fire Is Alive' also went live along with this collaboration.

Free Fire x McLaren - Thematic Loadout


Free Fire x McLaren Exclusive Event - Race to Ace: Complete Details

The special event is scheduled to go live in a few days time starting from 23rd July 2021. 'Race to Ace' will reward players with mystery items for every lap that they complete as part of the exclusive event. Survivors stand a chance to win the grand prize after completing at least five laps.

Players can continue racing in this event and complete more laps for a chance to win the McLaren P1™ - Mantis Skin absolutely free, along with other prizes.

Free Fire x McLaren - Race to Ace Event


As part of this event, players will get an option to choose from over four different McLaren P1™s, each with a different base speed. Players have the freedom to switch between these cars at anytime during the race. Further, survivors can always collect the Chequered Flag tokens along the race track to gain speed boosts.

For those who are still not satisfied and crave even more speed, they can invite their friends to participate with them in a race. This will grant the entire group speed boosts for the race, making it easier to attain victory!

Apart from this, a new McLaren car has also been launched for Free Fire under 'McLaren Project FF'. This car is available in the Battle Royale mode and Training grounds for all the players to try out, it has been designed jointly by both the Free Fire and the McLaren team.

Free Fire  x McLaren - McLaren Project FF

This collaboration comes right after the Free Fire x Street Fighter V came to an end a few days back, having offered players multiple great events and some spectacular themed rewards.

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