Free Fire Unicorn Top-Up Event: Unlock Exclusive Rewards with Diamond Purchases

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire Unicorn Top-Up Event: Unlock Exclusive Rewards with Diamond Purchases</p></div>
Free Fire Unicorn Top-Up Event: Unlock Exclusive Rewards with Diamond Purchases


Free Fire

Free Fire's Unicorn Top-Up event offers exclusive rewards like Katana - Miraculous Hornblade with diamond purchases.
Unlock various items including the Magical Mane Bundle by topping up diamonds from October 22 to November 10.
One-time top-up of 1500 diamonds grants all event rewards, plus retains diamonds for other in-game purchases.

Free Fire is back with another exciting offer for its players who frequently purchase diamonds, through the Unicorn Top-Up event. This event showcases unique items like the Katana - Miraculous Hornblade, Magical Mane Bundle, and Gloo Wall - Miraculous Dream as rewards for topping up diamonds.

Earning Free Rewards with Diamond Top-Up

Free Fire's Top-Up events are renowned for offering a pathway to secure free in-game rewards, particularly coveted skins. The Unicorn Top-Up event, specifically targeted at the Indian and Bangladeshi servers, extends the opportunity to obtain the Katana - Miraculous Hornblade skin at no extra cost, upon a purchase of 100 diamonds.

Event Timeline and Reward Claiming

Kickstarting on October 22, 2023, and running until November 10, 2023, players are urged to top-up 100 diamonds within this timeframe to unlock the exclusive emote. Once the diamonds are purchased, players can claim the emote by navigating to the Events -> Unicorn Top-Up section in the game.

Reward Structure Based on Top-Up Amount

The event rewards escalate with the amount of diamonds topped-up. Here's a breakdown of rewards corresponding to different top-up amounts:

  • Katana – Miraculous Hornblade – 100 Diamonds

  • Magical Mane (Head) – 300 Diamonds

  • Gloo Wall – Miraculous Dream – 500 Diamonds

  • Magical Mane (Shoes) – 700 Diamonds

  • Magical Mane (Top) – 1000 Diamonds

  • Magical Mane (Mask) – 1500 Diamonds

Tips for Maximizing Rewards inFree Fire Unicorn Top-Up Event

Players can accumulate all the rewards by making a one-time top-up of 1500 diamonds, eliminating the need for multiple top-ups of varying amounts. The advantage is that all these rewards are essentially free as players retain the 1500 diamonds in their account for other in-game purchases.

Bonus Reward Offer

In addition to the Unicorn Top-Up rewards, a bonus reward is up for grabs - the Cobalt Athlete Bundle. This bundle can be claimed upon topping up any amount of diamonds between September 28, 2023, to December 12, 2023, under the Events -> Free Bundle Top-Up section.

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